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Skinny Jeans Challenge

Looking to shed some pounds? Try the Skinny Jeans Challenge! Before you think that this is another strenuous weight-loss gimmick, I promise you it’s not. Click here to view the viral Facebook post from a fellow wellness advocate that started it all! Alicia lost 25 pounds in roughly 6 weeks! […]


Master the Art of Sales: Part 1

What you are about to read comes from my own personal journey. I will show you that sales can be done by anyone as long as you have a desire to help people. WARNING: This is an active blog post! Grab a pen and paper and set aside 20 minutes. […]


9 Must Know Facts About Weightloss

Weight loss. If there is one issue that our society spends way too much time researching, it is this one. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, of course—if it helps you reach your health goals and benefits your overall wellbeing, that’s amazing! Go for it! I will be […]