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Body Care 101

When was the last time you gave your body some real TLC? And when I say real TLC I mean brushing it, scrubbing it, and lathering a beautifully moisturizing lotion on it. When it comes to skin, people will give plenty of attention to their faces, they forget that they […]


Slim and Sassy Wrap

Body wraps have been trending all over the place! And, unsurprisingly, it’s because they actually work. I can’t tell you the countless wrap “parties” I have thrown where women would be amazed to see 2-3 inches come off from their waist. Now, this is not guaranteed in all cases and […]


Skinny Jeans Challenge

Looking to shed some pounds? Try the Skinny Jeans Challenge! Before you think that this is another strenuous weight-loss gimmick, I promise you it’s not. Click here to view the viral Facebook post from a fellow wellness advocate that started it all! Alicia lost 25 pounds in roughly 6 weeks! […]