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Tap Into Your True Abundance

Find out which area of Abundance you need most!

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I’m Kimberley Milousis!

I am a former CPA tax-specialist turned natural-health-entrepreneur and abundance coach. My passion for educating people on natural health solutions has led to me to serve customers in 42 countries--helping them find effective solutions leading to powerful health breakthroughs. In my coaching work, I focus on empowering people to create abundance in their mind, body, finances and spiritual life. My 10-week Life More Abundantly course helps people achieve that very thing. I am also a home-schooling mom and love to swim, hike, scuba dive and garden.
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What Others Have To Say

  • Kimberley is kind but does not let you away with excuses. She will keep you on your toes with a quirky humour that pops up at the most stressful times so you just have to keep moving forward. I have been inspired by Kimberley because of her get up and get going attitude toward life and business. Kimberley is no stranger to struggle so when she says she understands and has been there you can trust that is true.

    Beverly Anne Customer
  • Kimberley is someone who sees the potential and beauty in everyone. She is a true leader, and inspires others in the way that she chooses to live her life. She is not willing to give up on situations because they get hard, she will learn, adapt and keep going! I am so grateful she encourages greatness from those around her, and also loves on them so that they feel supported until they can see the greatness in themselves too.

    Laura Holler Team Leader

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