The Two Types of Hunger and Their Affects on Your Waistline

It’s midnight. Dinner was five hours ago, and even though you should have been in bed by 10:30pm, you’re still wide awake. And hungry.

Soon enough, you find yourself in the kitchen, perusing through the fridge and the pantry, on the prowl for a midnight snack.

Chances are, you skip over the fresh carrots and grab the tub of ice cream. Or the bag of chips. Or the cupcakes.

Maybe you aren’t a midnight snack person. Maybe you’re the early riser who ends up eating three different breakfasts before work starts. Or maybe you’re the midday snack kind of person who enjoys munching on Doritos or bagels or all other manner of not-so-healthy foods in between meals.

I’m not judging. I’ve been there. There’s nothing like some quality Dutch cheese and gluten-free baguette bites to make me give in to temptation. But while science is still conflicted about whether snacking positively or negatively impacts things like weight, metabolic rates, and cholesterol levels, one thing is for certain: Most people who snack tend to consume high-calorie, low-nutrient foods that satisfy their cravings for sweet or salty foods. And unfortunately, I follow that trend.

So how do we curb our cravings? How do we get rid of these constant desires for cookies, chocolate, and cheese? Well, it really comes down to acknowledging and adequately addressing the different kinds of hunger.

There are two different kinds of hunger: homeostatic and hedonic. Homeostatic hunger is that authentic feeling of needing to eat because your body physically needs more energy to continue to operate properly. Hedonic hunger, on the other hand, is that feeling of wanting to eat because your body is craving specific foods, foods that usually have high sugar, salt, fat, and calorie contents. This is the hunger that we need to beat.

Unfortunately, research reveals that, when we eat these types of foods and fulfill our cravings, not only do we stimulate these hedonic centres in our bodies, but we actually strengthen their intensity, making us more and more likely to give in to those same cravings the next time we’re in a tempting situation.

But we still haven’t answered that question: How do we curb our cravings?

While more research is needed in this field, often the solution is just to simply starve your cravings into oblivion. However, this takes time and concentration and determination. And when you take into consideration the fact that cravings often emerge during high-stress, high-anxiety situations, it becomes apparent that our fast-paced, perpetually busy lifestyle in North America in particular makes non-supplemented craving reduction nearly impossible.

This uniquely frustrating situation is where Appethyl Spinach Extract makes its debut.

Appethyl is an all-natural spinach extract that not only reduces hunger, but also decreases cravings for unhealthy foods. Research shows that the ingestion of Appethyl can reduce cravings for sweets and chocolates by up to 85% after just one dose, and up to 95% after ingesting the product daily for 3 months.

Appethyl also just happens to be the main active ingredient in dōTERRA’s Slim and Sassy Control Bars. Just saying.

All jokes aside though, Appethyl is a product that has been tested and has proven its worth. Appethyl has been found to reduce hunger by approximately 20-25%. In layman’s terms, it helps make smaller meals feel bigger by bonding with fat cells and pushing them down to the end of your intestinal tract, which then sends a signal to your brain to stay that you are full. According to research, this effect can last up to 6 hours after just a single dose of the spinach extract.

Now, the inevitable question that arises is probably: Why can’t I just eat more spinach and avoid having to buy these Slim and Sassy Control Bars?

Here’s the thing:

While this product is an all-natural spinach extract, it is “bioactive” immediately upon ingestion. In other words, the effects start immediately. Spinach, on the other hand, is not “bioactive” until it has been digested. And unfortunately, by the time your body has fully digested spinach and begun to benefit from these positive side-effects, too much time has passed: your body has already told your brain that you’re still hungry, you’ve already taken that second plate of food, and/or you’ve already given in to those hedonic cravings by digging into that tub of ice cream.

There is also the very practical issue of consuming enough spinach to receive the desired results. Even if your body could process spinach fast enough to make it “bioactive”, the chances are that you won’t be able to consume the appropriate amount of spinach that is necessary to see the same 20-25% hunger reduction and 85% craving reduction that one dose of Appethyl can provide.

Ultimately, there’s nothing wrong with increasing your spinach intake, just to be safe. But if you want to see these results, you need Appethyl Spinach Extract. So try it out for a couple of weeks. Start using the Slim and Sassy Control Bars—while they don’t act as meal replacements, they will help you maintain a healthier diet. And we could all benefit from that.

Stay calm and oil on, everyone!

Note: All statistics and references to research about Appethyl were taken from this link. For more information about the product, click here.

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