Using Essential Oils as a Natural Aphrodisiac

All of us have a basic need to love and feel loved. Relationships can really help fulfill this need through emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy. Even though we would all love to pretend that sexual intimacy is super easy, there are often emotional, psychological, and physical barriers that can prevent us from truly enjoying intimate time spent with our significant other.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was something we could use to “get in the mood” and relax? This is where essential oils come in. While we are familiar with essential oils reducing strong discomforts, relieving stress, and removing unwanted pathogens, essential oils can also act as a natural aphrodisiac.

What is a Natural Aphrodisiac, and How Does it Work?

A natural aphrodisiac is a substance that enhances/stimulates passion and sexual arousal. In other words, it helps you “get in the mood” by helping reduce physical, psychological, or emotional conditions that may interfere with sexual stimulation and arousal.

Certain essential oils have been known to be extraordinarily effective in terms of their natural aphrodisiac qualities. One of the main reasons why they are so incredibly effective is because their natural chemical composition works quickly on the circulatory, endocrine, and reproductive systems when applied to the skin (usually with dilution, often through a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil).

Essential oils are also effective natural aphrodisiacs because their aromatic qualities have rapid effects on one’s mood, thoughts, and feeling (aromas are uniquely influential because, once inhaled, odor molecules register in the limbic portion of the brain, which is also responsible for sexual behavior and memory, which can subsequently influence one’s sexual response).

Most natural aphrodisiac essential oils work by impacting the body temperature; once the body has reached an ideal temperature, essential oils are most effective in terms of influencing sexual behavior patterns. Additionally, essential oils can help balance hormones, reduce fatigue and exhaustion, support the body’s physical health, and promote emotional wellness, which subsequently makes it easier for an individual to enjoy/experience emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy.

Individual Intimacy-Boosting Essential Oils:


Known for its alluring aroma, Jasmine can help improve self-esteem, enhance mood, and increase libido; all of these factors will help create a more enjoyable, euphoric erotic experience

Ylang ylang

One of the more commonly-mentioned aphrodisiacs, this essential oil works to support a healthy libido and endocrine function


While this oil likely isn’t the first one to come to mind, Patchouli can help enhance mood, improve circulation, and raise body temperatures

Clary sage

This essential oil helps support the endocrine system and works to enhance libido


Not only can Bergamot enhance libido, but it also creates a more ideal sexual atmosphere by balancing hormones, creating a much more stable environment for emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy to be enjoyed

Intimacy-Boosting Essential Oil Combos:

1. Activate Her Aphrodite

4 drops of Ylang ylang
2 drops of Clary safe
2 drops of Geranium
2 drops of Patchouli
2 drops of Sanalwood
1 drop of Bergamot

Combine and store in a glass bottle. Apply to pressure points or use aromatically via a diffuser.

2. Aphrodisiac Aroma Arouser

12 drops of Sandalwood
5 drops of Ylang ylang
1 drop of Cinnamon
1 drop of Jasmine

Combine oils. Apply on the back of the neck and behind ears. Dilute with a carrier oil (eg. fractionated coconut oil) if desired or necessary for sensitive skin.

3. Body Warmer

2 drops of Rose or Geranium
3 drops of Sandalwood
2 drops of Ylan ylan
3 drops of Clary safe

In a 2-ounce glass bottle, combine oils by swirling them together. Fill the rest of the bottle with a carrier oil (eg. fractionated coconut oil). Use as a massage oil to warm the body temperature and induce/increase sexual arousal.

4. Ecstasy Extender Massage Blend

2 drops of Geranium
1 drop of Cinnamon
1 drop of Ginger
1 drop of Lemongrass
1 drop of Peppermint

Combine oils in a 2-ounce glass bottle with a orifice reducer. Fill the remainder of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil. This blend supports reaching and prolonging climax. Use 10-15 drops at a time and massage lightly on genitals.

5. Let’s Get It On—men’s formula

6 drops of Sandalwood
4 drops of Ylang ylang
2 drops of Clary sage
2 drops of Wild Orange

Combine and apply to pressure points, or use aromatically via a diffuser.

6. Mood Maker

1 drop of Cinnamon
1 drop of Patchouli
1 drop of Rosemary
1 drop of Sandalwood
1 drop of White Fir
1 drop of Ylang ylang

Combine oils and diffuse to create a sensual mood that is conducive to emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy.


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