Top 3 Reasons Copaiba Oil is Better than CBD Oil

Cannabidiol—or CBD oil—has become quite popular recently. It seems like everywhere I go, people keep telling me all about this miracle oil that does wonderful things like ease acute discomfort, reduce emotional tension, and magically clean you house! (Okay… that last part is just wishful thinking on my part… I’m still working on an essential oil that does this. So far, Lemon oil is the best oil I’ve found when it comes to cleaning. But I will keep you updated on what I find!)

Now, this sudden uptick in conversations concerning CBD oil leaves me with one of two conclusions: either everyone I know is merely obsessed with oils of all kinds (…which is actually almost an accurate evaluation of my friend groups…) or something seriously revolutionary is happening when it comes to CBD oil. Setting aside any analysis of my social life, I think this latter conclusion is definitely important to consider. But actually, this revolutionary moment in healthcare has less to do with CBD oil and everything to do with our increasing understanding of the bigger picture: namely, the endocannabinoid system.

Wait… what is the endocannabinoid system?

Well, I’m glad you asked! The endocannabinoid (EC) system is what helps our bodies manage emotional tension, inflammation, and other physiological responses to different forms of stress and pressure. For instance, when you engage in physically and/or psychologically strenuous activities—exercise, high-stress activities, etc.—your body begins to produce specific compounds called endocannabinoids (ECs). These compounds are then detected by cannabinoid receptors (CRs), which then trigger the activation of the EC system. (The term cannabinoid refers to any compound—whether it is produced internally or introduced externally—that engages the EC system by alerting CRs.)

But how does the EC system actually work? Well, let us use the example of the “runner’s high” to illustrate the powerful influence of the EC system. Since running is a physically strenuous activity, the human body begins to produce anandamide (a cannabinoid) in order to alert CRs to activate the EC system. This then leads to two things: (1) a slight feeling of euphoria, and (2) a soothing feeling that eases discomfort in the muscles and joins. This is the EC system at work.

So what’s the big deal with CBD oil?

I could go into the long scientific explanation of why CBD oil is so fascinating, but here is the summary: once cannabinoids have been produced by the human body, enzyme’s begin to break these cannabinoids down. This process takes time, but it eventually leads to the EC system returning back to a state of hibernation, meaning that any feelings of euphoria or comfort begin to significantly decrease.

This is where CBD oil comes in: by targeting and slowing down the activity of these specific enzyme’s, the use of CBD oil leads to increased levels of anandamide in the body. And since anadamide is a cannabinoid, this means that the CRs remain alert and keep the EC system activated for longer periods of time. In other words: CBD oil prolongs the enjoyable effects of the EC system without incorporating any powerful psychoactive properties into the mix (unlike THC, which is the main psychoactive compound in marijuana).

Okay, but if CBD oil is so great, how is Copaiba oil better?

Once again, I’m glad you asked! Now that we’re all on the same page, let’s talk about the top 3 things reasons Copaiba Oil is better than CBD oil!

Reason #1: Copaiba is effective without any added side effects!

While CBD oil has been shown to have a number of beneficial impacts on our health, researchers are still determining how CBD oil influences CRs. In contrast, Copaiba oil—which is filled with beta-carophyllene (BCP)—can safely be used without negatively impacting CRs, while still offering the same benefits presented by other cannabinoids. Automatically, from a safety perspective, Copaiba oil is better than CBD oil.

Additionally, BCPs have been proven to be extremely effective at supporting the kidney and liver systems, easing feelings of tension and discomfort, addressing temporary inflammation, easing anxious and low-energy feelings, and even supporting those seeking to overcome unhealthy dependencies to harmful substances such as alcohol. Keeping in mind the fact that Copaiba oil has a higher concentration of BCPs than CBD oil has, it becomes even clearer that Copaiba oil is better than CBD oil.

Reason #2: You get more bang for your buck!

Here’s the deal: as beneficial as CBD oil may be, there are still some questions that arise when it comes to the purity and potency of the oil. CBD oil that is produced from marijuana risks being contaminated with THC or heavy metals, depending on the growth location and extraction process. As for CBD oil produced from hemp, the unfortunate reality is that it might not have as much CBD as you need to get the desired benefits, and certainly not in a cost-effective manner.

Copaiba oil, however, is reliable and affordable. Firstly, dōTERRA is the only essential oil company that gets every litre of its oil tested by a 3rd party. Not only does dōTERRA ensure that its oils meet the most rigorous standards when it comes to purity, but dōTERRA also uses open source testing, meaning that the oil will not contain pesticides, heavy metals, or other harmful contaminants. And if that wasn’t enough to prove that Copaiba oil is better than CBD oil, a 15ml bottle of Copaiba oil only costs $35 when you have a wholesale membership. Compared to the exorbitant cost of CBD oil, which can cost upwards of $125, it is clear that Copaiba has the purity, potency, and affordability factors on its side!

Reason #3: Copaiba oil is fully legal, and that makes a world of difference!

Last but certainly not least: while various countries and jurisdictions are debating the legality of marijuana and related cannabinoids, Copaiba oil is already fully legal! This means that you can get it today and start experiencing the powerful effects of BCPs today! I don’t know about you, but I would prefer to get some relief today rather than waiting for the legislature to finish debating this issue!

Also, on a slightly different but still related note, Copaiba oil won’t give you an accidental, false positive on a drug test. Not that you should be planning on needing to take a drug test any time soon… but again, it is just one of the many reasons why Copaiba oil is better than CBD oil!

Copaiba, here I come!

Well, there you have it! Now that you are all convinced that Copaiba oil is better than CBD oil, there’s only one thing to do: go get your hands on this glorious gift of the earth!

If you have used dōTERRA’s Copaiba oil and would like to share your experiences, feel free to comment in the section below!

Stay calm and Copaiba on, everyone!
Until next time. Ciao!


  1. How do you use copaiba oil for pain management?

  2. Erica Kildau-Stearns

    I have. Fibromyalgia and use diTerra’s Copaiba with Frankincense. It helps manage my pain and helps me relax and reduces inflammation and muscle tension without having to take as many Pharmaceuticals. Live it.

  3. Cheryl Morrow

    I am a little confused. Do you injest this oil and if so how much at a time?

  4. Heard about COPAIBA from my P.T. My DOCTOR and I have looked at CBD with a small amount of THC . I have not been able to find any on the market. Alot of literature, but no product. Will try THE COPAIBA.

    • Kimberley Milousis

      Hi Raymond. Did you ever get around to trying the copaiba? Please let me know. I’d love to help you out.

  5. I have been using Copaiba for 2 months now as migraine preventative. . . .so far only a single migraine (which i turned around by ingesting 3 drops followed by an hour of rest) normally i would have suffered through at least 3 or 4 in this time span (2-4 days each time). I ingest 1-2 drops daily directly under my tongue, washed down after a minute or so by a few sips of water.

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