Master the Art of Sales: Part 1

What you are about to read comes from my own personal journey.

I will show you that sales can be done by anyone as long as you have a desire to help people.

WARNING: This is an active blog post! Grab a pen and paper and set aside 20 minutes.

Ready? Let’s Go!

As an entrepreneur and network marketer, I am in the business of selling.

I’ve been a service person from the beginning by helping people do their taxes (as a former CPA-tax specialist) and now through my direct saes business I help them with their health in doTERRA.

I don’t define myself as the world’s greatest salesperson nor have I ever really had a sales background.

However, I am a really amazing sales person! Why? Because it comes from my heart.

Through training my mindset and shifting my perspective I have achieved great heights in doTERRA and am now a Presidential Diamond (and one day Double Presidential).

If I can do this, so can you.

Remember that selling is an art and it is going to look different for each person. So let’s get creative!


Make Two Lists:

List #1: Call Tonight

Write down everyone that you are going to contact tonight to ask them to buy whatever it is you’re selling.

List #2: Give Free Rose List (rose oil is a super expensive essential oil, $650 for 5ml!)

Write down everyone you would contact to give a free rose oil to.

Now I want you to look at both lists. Which one is longer?

For most people, the second list is more than 10x longer than the first.

When I have done this exercise in workshops, some people would blank out and have just 1 person on the first list and on the second list they would have so many people. What the heck is that about?!

Let’s take a closer look and examine what you may been feeling when writing these two lists.

Difference #1:
In the first list you may have felt fear when thinking about who to sell your product to.

Difference #2:
If your first list was shorter, it’s probably because you feel like you are taking something from the people on your list. The second list is longer is because you feel like you are giving something to someone to them so there is no fear!

Taking vs a Giving Mindset

What I’m talking about here is mindset: Taking vs Giving.

This is very important. I used to feel like I was taking from my potential customers and I had to do work on my mindset to change this.

The Bible says “There is no fear in love but perfect love drives out fear”. This quote really stood out to me and helped me change my mindset towards selling.

I realized that when I was prospecting people for purchasing, I was not walking in love and instead I was walking in fear.

Walking in love would be focused on actually serving people. Instead, all I was worried about was myself.

How am I going to look to them?

What if they don’t want to purchase?

Am I bothering them? I, I, I – it was all about me!

As I started observing this in myself and approaching selling from a completely different perspective, I started getting different results.

I really don’t care what essential oil kit people are purchasing and and whether it’s a small kit or a big kit.

I know that they’re going to burn through the small kit quickly and I’m going to tell them that.

However, if they can’t afford a bigger kit I will tell them to get a small kit because I’m focused on serving their needs and working with the where they are at.

If you’re walking in fear, people are going to be picking up on that fear and mirroring that inside of them.

They will pick this up and it’s highly likely you won’t get a sale at all.

Fear = no sale, Love = no fear

Becoming The Best

How we can be the very best at sales? What is required to be great? All business involves selling. Whether you are working for somebody and selling them on your ability to perform or you are an entrepreneur, you are selling. We are always selling and that need comes from desire.

1. Desire

What is it that drives us? This could be as simple as needing to create income – why did you go into this particular area of business? Are you selling drugs, or partaking in human trafficking?

No, you chose not to make money that way. What is your bigger desire?

2. Mental Toughness

You need to develop what is called mental toughness – to drive yourself to do something even when you don’t feel like it.

There is not a lot of greatness that is coming forward based on that.

Do what you need to do – have a daily routine as discipline to train yourself to get stuff done.

Whether its swimming or walking or stretching – some kind of physical activity will drive you to accomplish and stick to this.

An athlete wants to be the best. No matter what you’re involved in – you have to actually follow through with it.

One of my top leaders would follow through with what had to be done when it was needed, even though the programs she released weren’t the best.

However, what matters most is that she got it done!

Fasting is a principal of staying away from certain things in order to focus on things that have greater value.

When I hosted an Evoking the Diamond program for my team,  they fasted on something for six weeks as a way to signify the importance of their goal.

Some fasted on crackers, movies, etc. in order to teach them the discipline of what needs to be done.

3. Mindset

Your reality is created by what you think.

What you have created in your life is the result of your mindset.

When you get ahold of that mindset, you can totally shift your results in the area of sales (and life of course!).

By watching your thoughts and applying discipline, you can absolutely shift the way you view the world as well as how you view yourself.

This alone will have a tremendous impact on your confidence and your ability to close a sale.


I have now provided you with valuable insight into your psyche and given you a good idea of what you will need to work on to improve your selling.

What I have described lays the ground work for your understanding.

In Part 2 of Master the Art of Sales I will share with you the 7 Key Principles of Great Selling for you to apply in your business, resources, and the do’s and don’ts of being a great seller.

If you are still feeling motivated and would like to continue continue on to Part 2! Click here!