Aging and Saggy Knees (Yes, I Said It)

Saggy knees is a topic not really discussed – some may even consider it taboo!

But seriously, too many women (myself included), have asked about what they can do about their saggy knees. So I’m bringing it out into the open.

For the many women out there reading this, you are not alone! As we age we develop wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin and it seems like no matter what we do we cannot escape the passage of time.

Society doesn’t help with this either – a large part of Western society is built on the admiration of youth and youthful appearance. One quick Google search for ‘saggy knees’ and you can see plenty of tabloids shaming female celebrities for having sagging skin while offering a plastic surgery “remedy”.

Although I personally don’t advocate for plastic surgery, I do sympathize with all of the women struggling to come to terms with getting older.

While I can’t promise to banish your saggy knees, I can offer you a natural remedy that you might find helpful:

doTERRA Yarrow | Pom Tightening Serum

How It Works:

Yarrow essential oil revitalizes aging skin while cold-pressed Pomegranate seed oil supports the skin’s natural barrier by helping to prevent the normal breakdown of skin proteins that occur with aging. It also contains avocado oil which increases skin moisture by reducing water loss through the skin for a smoother look.

When I started using Yarrow | Pom Essential Oil and adding it to my face cream it started to do wonders for my skin. It has been by far my favourite oil to use for a healthy glow. I have noticed dark spots diminishing and a tightening effect on my skin.

The Tightening Serum is specifically made to revitalize aging skin and will be released on its own in January 2020. Right now the Yarrow | Pom Travel Collection is available which has a mini-version.

You can purchase Yarrow | Pom travel collection here. Simply add it to any lotion and rub it on your knees or any other body part you’d like to help.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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