3 Ways To Stop Mental Health From Robbing Your Life

What if there were 2 key ways to stop mental health from robbing and taking over your life? What if there were steps that would ensure that your inner life would thrive and not just survive? 

Let’s all say it together, “sign me up!”

Home Sweet Home

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love home. There is no place like home, there is no place like home, there is no place like home. 👠👠

Home is therapeutic, familiar, and comforting. Home is necessary.

Both emotionally and psychologically, we all need a literal place that we call home, to stay healthy and balanced. There isn’t a sensation on the planet quite like coming home…I’m sure you’ve experienced it. Your home may not be extraordinary, it may not be exquisite, but it’s yours.

Home is our sanity and our sanctuary. It’s where we can fully be ourselves. If my physical body needs to go home regularly, to be healthy, what about my soul? If my external body needs space to let down and be itself, what about the inside me?

When was the last time your soul was at home?

It’s why the Gospel writer named John says, “I am praying for your soul, that it prospers, and is healthy.” First and foremost, God wants our souls to be strong. We were created to live an abundant life!

Is your soul healthy?

Is your inner-self, whole?

Or, are you tired, weary, and beat up?

I can’t speak for you, but I know that for me, I could definitely spend more time focusing on my soul. Our physical bodies get a lot of attention. We get annual check-ups, we go to the dentist, we do Hot Yoga and Crossfit. But, we rarely focus on our souls, on the inside us. Yet, ironically that’s what we are all looking for. We all have this innate sense that we are designed to be at peace and rest on the inside. We all have this sense that we are supposed to truly be happy, fulfilled, and satisfied.

I want to challenge you, to stop and take a look at the inside you. And ask your soul the question, “how are you doing?”

If we want to have a healthy and strong soul, it will not happen by accident…it only happens by appointment. Accidents just happen but appointments are intentional. Let’s be intentional about looking inward.

So I want to give you 2 simple ways to send your soul home and to stop having your mental health take over your life. Two exercises, that if you will consistently do them, have the potential to cause your souls to find strength and health at home, in the presence of our Creator.

#1-Lift Up God’s Name

Ps.22.3-God inhabits the praises of his people.

Do you want to encounter God and connect with Him in a real way? You will not get there without worship.

Worship is where God hangs out, you will always find God in the praise. When your soul feels burned out, the road that will take you home, is praise. 

Here is one practical thing you can do daily, that will improve your inner health.

Listen to more worship music.

Can I challenge you? Only listen to worship music for a week. Be intentional about it. And I guarantee that you will feel stronger internally. You will feel built up, refreshed, more alive, and encouraged. Why? Because that is where God hangs out, and He is home for your soul.

#2-Lean Into God’s Love

1 John 4.9-10-We love God because He first loved us.

 I love the book of John because John understood the importance of God’s love. Five times in John’s book in the Bible, John calls himself, “The disciple whom Jesus loved.” It’s like John was shamelessly flaunting the fact that he was God’s favorite.

Was he God’s favorite?

We don’t know.

It doesn’t matter, because John believed he was.

There is something healthy about having that kind of a perspective of the way God sees us. We are God’s favorites. Some might call John’s statement about himself arrogant, but apparently, God didn’t mind it at all…it made it into His book.

John defined his identity through God’s love.

Lean into that love every day. Remind yourself how loved by God you are. Do it a lot. Do it all the time. It will send your soul home.

Are you looking at more physical ways to get out of your head and into thriving in a healthy, free life? Sign up for a health consultation with me and I’d love to guide you to the best essential oils for your mental health.

#3 – The Essential Oil Way

Did you know Essential Oils are one way of God’s gift to the Earth to balance it all? These powerful tools have been around almost since the beginning of time, growing all over the world. And people have been extracting medicine from plants since that time too. Check out the aromatherapy mood chart above to help you use the beautiful plants God put on this planet for us.




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