Healing Water

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Water is a vital part of our existence. Unfortunately, it is a part we don’t often put a lot of thought into.

While quantity matters, there’s much to be said for the quality of the water we drink. We are told to drink 6-8 glasses a day, but we are not told to ensure we have high quality water in those glasses.

I am blessed in Canada to have clean drinking water available to me. As wonderful as it is, however, there are still toxins and chemicals that need to be filtered out.

In this post I will show you what you can do to ensure you have quality drinking water.

Upgrade Your Water

To give yourself the best possible hydration, I recommend you invest in a high-quality filter to remove the fluoride, chlorine, and leftover pharmaceutical drugs from your city tap water. I use a reverse osmosis system and I love it. The water tastes great!

Once you have pure water, I recommend adding in valuable minerals by purchasing a re-mineralization filter and/or by sprinkling in a tiny pinch of Celtic salt in your glass. This will make sure that the water has sufficient mineral content, though some would argue that this is an unnecessary step.

If you like to have fun with your water, invest in a sparkling water machine! I love to drink bubbly drinks, so my Sodastream makes me drink more water.

Berkey is a popular water-filter brand recommended by nutritionists.

Add Oils

Whatever water you choose to go with, I recommend adding in several drops of essential oil to gain therapeutic benefit. The addition of certain essential oils will help your body to regulate organs. Here are some oils you can add a drop of in your water:

You can purchase these oils here.

Add Intention

Speaking a blessing over your water is a great way to send positive energy to what you are drinking. Although we don’t fully understand the mechanism, we know that God created water to hold “memory”. Because water holds memory, your intention is then amplified. I discuss the power of prayer and meditation here .

I’m a big fan of eating what I call “happy meat”, i.e. meat from animals that have been raised in a humane way without antibiotics and hormones. I believe that the tissues of the animal hold the positive or negative “energy” from how it was raised. If I consume the meat from an animal that has been poorly treated during its lifetime, my body absorbs that negative energy. While water can’t really be traced to a “happy” source – the water cycle carries water all over the planet – we can speak blessing over our water and create our own “happy water”.

Happy water created with happy intentions make for a happy body.

In Conclusion

Water is vital to our health. Why not use it wisely and make it life-giving for yourself and your family? By taking action and investing in upgrading your water, you are changing the health of the world – starting with you 😊

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