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Three Unexpected Ways To Use Oregano Oil (One is Tasty!) 😋

The first time I tried Oregano oil, I got a cheap one from the drug store and took a full dropper of it when I was feeling unwell. That is IMPOSSIBLE to do with doTERRA’s Oregano oil!

Here’s why: doTERRA’s Oregano oil is pure and super potent. One drop of this stuff can burn your skin! Taking a full dropper of it would have you making this face: 🤪

You should have seen this one poor guy I met who thought he’d just take a couple of drops of doTERRA’s Oregano oil straight. He was like, ‘No, no. I use pure Oregano oil all the time and I take it straight.’

I told him, ‘There’s no regulation on essential oils and most of the oils which say they are pure aren’t pure. Trust me, this oil is VERY STRONG. It’s actually pure!’

Welp… he didn’t trust me. ‘Nonsense! I’ll give it a go anyways…’

A second later his face was sweating, like he’d just eaten a crazy hot pepper. ‘Okay, yeah, this stuff is stronger…’, he forcefully admitted.

Let me show you how to have GOOD EXPERIENCES with Oregano oil. I have 3 fun and unexpected uses for Oregano, and – yes – one of them is tasty!

Gargle Out The Garbage

If you ever feel a sore throat coming on or your immunity dropping, grab your oregano oil and gargle!

Put 1 drop in a full glass of water, mix it around, and then gargle with it, a little bit at a time. It’s strong stuff. It may burn and be uncomfortable, but it will help keep your immune response iron strong.

Note: Don’t use plastic cups for this. Oregano oil will erode it.

Banish Your Blemish

Have you ever had a skin tag? They’re no fun. Skin tags are little bits of skin that stubbornly make an unpleasant bump on random parts of your body.

Luckily, Oregano burns the skin tag off, and – as crazy as it may seem – you can do it in a safe and controlled way. This works for warts too.

Here’s a short video on using doTERRA’s Oregano Oil to banish your blemish.

A Tasty Treat

doTERRA’s Oregano oil is pure and safe to consume if you mix it into things, and – guess what – it’s super tasty! Here are three ways to enjoy this herbal oil’s flavour.

Salad Dressing

A single drop of Oregano oil adds a big flavour punch to a salad dressing. Make a salad dressing in the standard way, mixing together olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinaigrette, herbs, honey, and salt. Then, at the end, mix in a single drop of doTERRA’s pure Oregano oil. You’ll never have a better salad!

Bread Dip

It’s common to put some olive oil out in a dipping bowl and serve it with bread. Add a flavour punch by adding balsamic vinaigrette to your olive oil and a single drop of doTERRA’s pure Oregano oil. I make my own Gluten-free Teff sourdough bread and it’s a heavenly pairing. Feel free to ask me for my Teff bread recipe.

Pasta Sauce

I think you’re getting the idea how to use doTERRA’s Oregano oil: add a single drop when you want a burst of herbal flavour. It works fantastic with pasta sauce as well, both for pesto and tomato sauces. Just put the drop in the sauce once you’re done making it and stir it in. You’ll get instant compliments.  

Important Tip

If you’re making just a small amount of sauce, one drop may be overwhelming. A simple way to control the amount of oil you add is to first mix the oregano oil with a few tablespoons of olive oil, then add the olive oil bit by bit until you achieve the flavour you’re going for.  Alternatively, you can add the oregano oil to some salt and then mix in small amounts of “oregano salt” into your dish.

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This is great. Thanks for sharing!

Empowered Living Team

You are welcome. We are happy to hear you found the post helpful!

I wasn’t always into natural health. I struggled with a painful skin condition for over thirty years, and that drove me to look for answers. When I couldn’t find any solutions using conventional medicine, I explored natural alternatives in the hope that they may work. Boy was I ever surprised when my skin cleared up! By cultivating healthy habits, an abundant mindset, and by using natural solutions, I look and feel healthier today – in my 50’s! – then at any other point in my life. It is now my joy and pleasure to help everyone else experience the same health breakthroughs that I have.

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