4 Habits For Proactive Immunity

4 ways for proactive immunity

There are two ways to build up your immune system: proactively and reactively. 

Reactive immunity means that you’re already under the weather before you start doing immune-boosting protocols.

Proactive immunity means that you live a lifestyle of keeping your immune system strong and ready for anything.

It’s much easier to maintain your immune system with simple, daily habits than it is to try to build it back up when you’re already down and out. It also saves you time, money, and unplesantries. 

Today, let’s explore 4 powerful, proactive immunity habits.

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HABIT 01 - Immune-Boosting Diet

Keep your immune system strong with foods like garlic, ginger, hot peppers, and a general whole food diet. Focussing on anti-inflammatory foods will help keep your immune system strong.

In general, avoid foods which are processed, packaged, or full of sugar. Sugar (even natural sugar), gluten, and dairy are all mucus-producing, so they are good to limit as much as possible, especially when around others who are not feeling well.

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HABIT 02 - Arming Your Gut Flora

Your gut flora are an important part of regulating your immune system and keeping you healthy. Eating foods rich in probiotics will help give your gut the diverse microbiome it needs to protect you.

Boost your gut flora with fermented foods like kefir, kimchi, and komboucha. It can be difficult to eat a sufficient amount of fermented foods, so I like to supplement with dōTERRA’s PB Assist, which is one of the best probiotic supplements on the market. PB Assist is double encapsulated to make sure that the probiotics get to your gut and aren’t destroyed by your stomach acids.

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HABIT 03 - Low-Stress Lifestyle

At any given moment, our bodies can either be resting and healing OR stressed and tense. Our bodies can only heal while relaxed and resting. When we are constantly stressed and tense, our bodies don’t have any time to heal and restore themselves. Cultivating lifestyle habits which include ample time to rest and relax daily will help keep your body healthy and strong.

A few simple habits that you can incorporate in your routine to keep yourself rested are hot baths, prayer and meditation, stretching, nature walks, reading uplifting books, or even cuddling with a loved one (furry or otherwise 🐶). Find relaxing activities to slowly add into your day.

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HABIT 04 - Taking Supportive Supplements

When your body has all the nutrition it needs, it can easily defend you from unwanted pathogens. But, it can be quite challenging to balance nutrition entirely through your diet, especially since modern farming has depleted the nutritional value of most of the food we eat.

Quality supplements are a sure-fire way to get the support you need. I take a combination of Lifelong Vitality and MetaPWR to keep my system strong. I’ve noticed major differences in my immunity levels since taking these supplements, and so have my family and members of my natural health community. 

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