7 Steps To Have The Entrepreneurial Mind 

7 Steps To Have The Entrepreneurial Mind 

7 Steps To Have The Entrepreneurial Mind 

Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur or starting a hustle on the side?

Congratulations on taking your first step. As a mother of four, becoming an entrepreneur felt like a dream come true.

When I used to work as a full-time CPA-Tax specialist there were times I couldn’t be there for my little ones.

I missed out on birthdays, holidays, and dance recitals. 

Luckily, an opportunity to work from home came to me when I was in the middle of a move. I am blessed to be doing work that I love and helping people at the same time. Being an entrepreneur feels like a dream to me. A lot of moms would love to be doing what I am doing.

Who wouldn’t want to live this dream? You get to be your own boss, set your own hours, have the freedom to do as you please and LOVE what you are doing. It sounds incredible – am I right? Well, it is.

What It Takes

Being an entrepreneur is about more than working whenever you want, taking nice vacations, and having fun. Truthfully, there is a lot of inner work and self-growth required. Now, I think it’s really important we are clear on what an entrepreneur is so I’d like to start off by defining it.

An entrepreneur is one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. This can be any business – network marketing, a franchise, or a completely innovative product. Now, some people would argue that network marketing or a franchise is not entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur must be creating their own products.

I would argue and say that entrepreneurial skills are required for all of these, and a lot of successful network marketers and franchise owners dabble in the creation of other businesses.

How To Have An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Now let’s delve into the how-to of having an entrepreneurial mindset, let’s get it straight off the get-go: being an entrepreneur is about mindset. And entrepreneurs are created, not born.

So if you feel in your heart of hearts that being an entrepreneur is something you’d like to pursue – then do it. Let’s dig into some of the character traits that need to be developed and set entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the crowd (courtesy in part of Hack the Entrepreneur):


In books like Think & Grow Rich, it was shown through studying men and women who amassed great fortunes that they are able to make decisions quickly. Otherwise, this can lead to procrastination.

Now, it doesn’t mean that every decision needs to be made quickly but a good place to start is practicing making quick decisions day to day. If you glance at a menu, quickly make a decision over what coffee you’d like to get or whatever it is. This will strengthen your confidence and decision-making skills!


So being an entrepreneur requires confidence. If you’ve heard of the old adage ‘Fake it til you make it this one will ring particularly true. Acting confident even when you don’t know how to do something is what can help you to succeed. 

Palms sweaty giving a speech but acting confident is key. We all get nervous but this will help you tremendously in moving forward and getting your feet off the ground. Remember, the biggest hindrance to success is self-doubt!


Showing up for yourself day in and day out, contributing to society and having friends who can support you on this journey are a requirement. You need people who will give you some tough love whenever you need it and hold you accountable to your dreams and desires.


This is a huge one. Our default is to ruminate about the past, and blame others or ourselves. This solves nothing. We need to learn to be proactive. Mistakes will happen, and failures will happen.

But we have got to look at the situation and think “What did I learn? What can I do in the future?” This helps orient us back to our goals and keeps us steadily along our path.


Humility is thinking about yourself less. And it’s something that no one notices. Humility is being able to admit you’re wrong and in that vulnerability, you accept that everyone makes mistakes including yourself. In this day and age, it’s a character trait worth developing. It is something to be actively developed and the only one who will notice is yourself.


Focus is huge. This is the ability to organize tasks and focus on one thing for a prolonged period of time. In a world of instant gratification, delaying short-term benefits for long-term benefits is something we must practice. I teach you how to practice this in my Life More Abundantly course (if you want to learn more!)

Depending on the size of your vision, it could take years. Be prepared to pay that price. But keep your faith and diligently move along.


Patience. This ties right in with focus. The ability to focus on a chosen goal means we need to have patience. We can’t give up if things aren’t happening right away.

Even if we see no fruit for 2 years, we must continue on the path we have set and learn from our mistakes so we can move forward. Patience is what will bring us to where we want to go.

Expect that there will be trials, struggle, stress, insecurities, and doubt as you walk the path of living your dreams. I think it’s important to be prepared for these things. It’s not all glitz and glamour like social media. 

There are magnificent things about it and the sense of accomplishment and service is indescribable. But remember, it is an inner game. And more importantly, it is about the woman you will become on your journey. You will be confronted with all the areas in which you need to grow and you will be required to grow these areas in order to evolve and continue.

What's Involved

If you’re a mom, you will need to invest time upfront into your business. This could even be more than the time you are currently spending at work. But, the cost upfront will be well worth it for the creation of your business and financial independence.

A lot of women become concerned about the risks involved in financial independence.  That is why I often recommend network marketing because the capital is low and you get what you put in which is less risk. You also get to work with a team of passionate entrepreneurs from the get-go.

Entrepreneurship on its own can be rather lonely, especially if you are developing a product. So it’s important to assess what kind of business would suit your needs. Having support is essential, and working with a team is a great experience.

Network marketing provides you with mentors and business support right away, which is why I love this kind of opportunity.  If this is something that interests you, take a look here

In Conclusion

If you have other ambitions and dreams, take the risk and start taking action today! Everything you need to will be revealed to you along the way: to live a life true to who you are is a worthy endeavour.

Want to learn more?

As great as learning about abundance is, it only works if you apply it – and that can be hard! If you’d like support and structure as you cultivate abundance in your life, check out my abundance resources.

Abundance can start with small, simple habits. All you have to do is learn and apply them!

If you’re serious about cultivating a life of abundance, work through this course.

If you’ve got an abundance goal you’d like some advice on, let me share my experience!

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