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Kimberley Milousis

dōTERRA Regional Founder
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Why I use doTERRA and teach natural health

Either I’m your doTERRA Customer Service Representative​ or I will be once you join doTERRA. Here’s my story.

For me, it all started with pain. 

I had the worst skin condition on my hands …and I had it for 20 years! I tried every solution under the sun, from pharmaceutical steroid creams to health store skin creams to various natural health practitioners. I had begun to accept I would have this awful condition until I died.

Then, one day, my friend pestered me to try doTERRA essential oils. I was hesitant to hope again, but I indulged her enthusiasm. I purchased a few useful essential oils and diligently used them. Within days I had begun to notice some positive changes. Within weeks I had major breakthroughs. And, now, I don’t have any issue with my hands at all!

Wow! I was ecstatic. I decided to study essential oils and natural health so I could share my journey with others and help them. It wasn’t long before I watched them experience breakthrough after breakthrough.

Today, I’m confident that – with my experience and expertise – I’ll be able to help you experience freedom too.

Your natural health journey courses

I offer all these natural health courses to my doTERRA customers. Learn More.

Essential Oil Beginners

I've Got My Oils, Now What?

You’ve got your essential oils, but now you’re left with a ton of questions. Which one do you use for what? How much do you use? Are there different ways to use them? Is more better, or should I use a specific amount? All these questions and more are answered in this essential oil course for my doTERRA customers.

Essential Oil Intermediate

Continuing Education

Are you looking for a comprehensive course on natural living? By the end of this 8 week course, you will know exactly what natural protocol to use for almost every common condition. You will learn how to use essential oils at an advanced level, you will discover the foundations of nutrition and how to use food as medicine, and you will understand how to maintain mental health and emotional balance even during hard times.

Metabolism Reboot

30-Day MetaPWR Challenge

Does balancing your metabolism feel overwhelming? A bad metabolism makes us feel sluggish, foggy, and slow. This 30-day challenge will make it easy to get back to your energized, focused self. You will be given a simple supplement protocol to do every day and you can opt-in for daily reminders and product education for motivation. By the end of these 30 days, you will wonder why  you didn’t do this sooner!

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Your journey to natural health & family

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Essential oil education, by email

10-day essential oil education series

Learn the basics of what essential oils are, how they work, and how to use them to support your health. This is a 10 day email series which will teach you about essential oils in a fun and easy way. After the 10 days, I’ll occasionally send you essential oil education directly related to the current season.

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