I’m Kimberley, the 6-Figure Home Based Mompreneur behind this site! I’ve been married to my husband Steve for 25 years and I’m a mother to four beautiful children.

If you’re like most people – like how I used to be – you died to your dreams because the well-travelled road can never seem to get you where you want to go.

Working 40+ hours a week for 40+ years might put food on your table, but it does little to help you live your dream. In fact, it seems to suck the life out of you.

I was a 6-figure income earner in a senior position at one of the largest chartered accounting firms in the world. I had a beautiful window office that over-looked Lake Ontario. But instead of feeling like I had “arrived”, I felt locked-in and shut-away from real life.

My job was secure. My pay was great, my office was beautiful, my benefits were amazing; but I couldn’t help but feel that I had sold my Soul.


What If Your Dreams Can Become Reality?

You don’t have to die to your dreams for your future.  I’m here to tell you right now that whatever it is you dream about CAN become a reality.

Your dreams come true when you connect your vision to a vehicle that is powerful enough to take you where you want to go. 

So, I decided to take a leap of faith and I quit my job.

My first leap was a bit of a flop. My husband and I had the great idea that we would sell our expensive house in the city and move into the country and get into house-flipping.

Sounds simple, right? Nope!

House flipping requires lots of capital and if you don’t have a few extra hundred thousand to throw around, that means you are living in the house you are flipping. The result is that the house is not the only thing that’s flipping! I left work for this!?

It was in the middle of our house flip in August of 2013 that I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils by an acquaintance. I felt sorry for her and her sorry little business, so I was just doing her a favour. But I gave her clear instructions with my first order: “Don’t put me on a mailing list…and DON’T talk to me about the business!”

I honestly didn’t even know what essential oils were at the time. I was just looking for a natural air freshener for my smelly house-flipping home! But, once I started learning about the oils and experiencing the benefits of them, I was hooked.

When my acquaintance who enrolled me hosted a meeting in her home to discuss the business side of doTERRA, I decided to go – just out of curiosity. After that, I couldn’t get it out of my mind! It seemed like an incredible business opportunity with one of the most incredible products I’d ever experienced.

As a business woman, I could see the potential. To my amazement, my skeptical husband could too! I decided to give it a shot.

My Road To Financial Freedom

I had a slow start. doTERRA was barely known in Canada at the time and our leaders in the US barely knew about Canada. So, in the beginning, we were kind of fending for ourselves, trying to figure this business thing out.

But as soon as we got plugged into our leaders’ training, we were off!

My business doubled and then tripled and then I started hitting one rank after another.

I replaced my income as a tax specialist within 15 months of joining doTERRA and shortly after I replaced my husband’s income as a master plumber. 

We set our own hours and run the business right here from our home. I am even able to home-school my youngest son!

Through my business I get to cheer as my hope for physical and financial health is restored. I am blessed to be able to work closely with others – investing into their businesses, into their families and into their individual growth and lives.


Where I Am Today

I earned the rank of Presidential Diamond in December 2017. I am beyond thrilled to have achieved this title and wouldn’t have been able to do it without my wonderful team! 

Before I joined doTERRA I had zero experience in sales let alone building an organization.

In just over 2 years I was able to create a 6-figure income, build an organization from the ground up, and grow a global team of over 2000 people – all the while learning everything I needed to know while I was doing it!

My success is living proof that anyone can create a new, more fulfilling life and live in true abundance (both spiritually and financially) with the right motivation and great leadership.

After seeing what I’ve seen and experiencing what I’ve experienced, it just wouldn’t be right to stay silent!