Be The Spark

I believe the future is bright

Would you like to share your story?

Be a spark of hope for others by sharing your story. We’ll put it up on this website and share it to our communities, so your story can inspire the world.

How to enter your story to #BeTheSpark

You can post your story in three simple steps:

Step 01 – Create Your Story
Step 02 – Share Your Story
Step 03 – Enter to win HOPE Prizes

Creating Your Story

Record a short story of you overcoming a challenge which was really hard for you. This could be a physical, emotional, spiritual, relational, or even financial challenge. The goal is that, by sharing it, you’ll give hope to people who are going through similar hardships right now.

Your story should include 3 parts:

Creating 01 – Where I was (The Struggle)
Creating 02 – Where I am now (How I Overcame)
Creating 03 – Include the words “I want to be a Spark of Hope for others because I believe the future is bright” at the end.

Consider recording the video with your phone sideways (landscape mode) so that it is easier for people to watch.

Sharing Your Story

Sharing 01 – Share your Be The Spark video on Instagram or Facebook (with privacy set to public).
Sharing 02 – Tag Kimberley Milousis @kimberleymilousis, add the hashtag #bethespark, and link to KIMM.ME/BeTheSpark.
Sharing 03 – Deadline to submit your video is August 1st if you want to be entered to win a prize, although you can keep sharing after that to inspire more people. We will announce winners on Instagram and Facebook – so stay tuned!

The HOPE Prizes

If you did Step 01 – Creating Your Story, and Step 02 – Sharing Your Story correctly, then you will be automatically entered to win the HOPE Prizes!

Prize 01 – Two prizes of Five (5) dōTERRA Hope oils – one to keep for yourself and four to give away – so you can literally be a giver of Hope!   (Read about dōTERRA Hope oil here.)
Prize 02 – $250 prize consisting of $50 to keep for yourself and $200 as a donation made in your name to an organization that brings hope to trafficked children
Prize 03 – $250 cash prize – $50 to keep for yourself and four $50’s to give to four people/families in need around you.

ANYONE can make a video and be entered to win, because ANYONE can be a Spark of Hope. 

Do you know someone with a story to share? Invite them to participate as well.

The #BeTheSpark Stories