Business Model

Most people focus on earning linear income and receive payment based on salary, wage, or commission. The problem with this type of income is that it is directly dependent on the amount of hours worked. My experience as a CPA tax specialist at a salary based job often had me working overtime which actually resulted in less pay than the total amount of hours worked. Yuck!

Network Marketing at the right company is an opportunity for true financial freedom. You are being paid to create a network of fellow marketers and customers! What I love most is the reach I have – people I don’t even know are impacted by me because of how large my team has grown. Check out my Webinar on ‘How to Safely Build Multiple Sources of Income’ with doTERRA:

Still Interested?

In this next video, Seth Risenmay offers step by step instructions to help you create residual income that is constant and sustainable. Not only will this help you avoid making the same mistakes he made during his early entrepreneurial days, but Seth will also share the wisdom and insight he has gained which will help you recognize a good opportunity when it comes your way. You will learn what it means to build a financial pipeline!

Business Opportunity

If you are passionate about health and wellness, doTERRA is a great fit for you! Educating people and teaching them about how to take care of their health is a huge part of what I do. This last video will take give you an overview of the entire doTERRA model and compensation plan. I hope that one day essential oils will be shared with everyone around the world!