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Abundance Through Focus And Mindset

6 Tips To Get A Good Night Sleep EVERY Night

1 – Stop drinking water before bed It’s so simple that it’s easy to ignore! If you’re bladder’s full, you’re going to get up in the night to pee. That will disrupt your sleep and you risk not feeling rested when you get up. Avoid liquids for two hours before bed and empty your bladder

4 ways for proactive immunity
Abundance Through Focus And Mindset

4 Habits For Proactive Immunity

There are two ways to build up your immune system: proactively and reactively.  Reactive immunity means that you’re already under the weather before you start doing immune-boosting protocols. Proactive immunity means that you live a lifestyle of keeping your immune system strong and ready for anything. It’s much easier to maintain your immune system with simple, daily

Coping With Fear Triggered By 2020
Abundance Through Focus And Mindset

Coping With Fear Using Biblical Wisdom

One of the great enemies of abundant life is the foe named fear. Fear can bring the worst out of people. But, what if we could fight fear? What if we could rise above the enemy of our soul, and live a life where fear doesn’t have negative power over our mind, will, and emotions?

15 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Raising Chicks
Abundance Through Focus And Mindset

15 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Raising Chicks

YOU’LL NEVER GUESS HOW MUCH THIS EGG COST! Five months ago, I sat pondering the question: “What if we got chickens? We’d only need a couple to provide fresh eggs for us every day. That wouldn’t be too much work.” I hemmed and hawed about it for weeks. I researched online. I asked questions of friends who

8 Tips for Balancing Work and Family
Abundance Through Focus And Mindset

8 Tips For Juggling Work-Life Balance

Balance. Maintaining balance is a bit like trying to keep a sandcastle steady when you’ve built it way too close to the wave. While achieving this evasive goal of balance is a beautiful thought, balance is a trickster, always keeping me on my toes. My very efforts to attain it cause me to tip over

Abundance Through Focus And Mindset

6 Secrets To Becoming A Successful Mompreneur  

Fact: The life of a mompreneur is not an easy one. This is what years of being a mompreneur has taught me. I know, I know. It really should be common sense. But I didn’t really think about it until after I had already left my full-time tax position at Pricewaterhousecoopers and had started working