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I Didn't Know I Had Digestion Issues Until I Did This!
Abundance Through Pharmacology

I Didn’t Know I Had Digestion Issues Until I Did This!

10 years ago, I thought I was healthy. I didn’t think I had any health issues. When I was asked what issues I needed essential oils to help with, I would reply, “I’m actually really healthy, thanks.” What I didn’t realize was that my version of ‘healthy’ meant constant bloating and tummy upset every day. I had

Abundance Through Pharmacology

4 Reasons To Do A Cleanse For Inflammation

Flu and cold season. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has endured the chaos that comes with having multiple children sick simultaneously. And let me tell you: there’s very little I wouldn’t give to avoid living that reality again! (And all the mothers said: Here here!) So let’s get straight to the good

doterra on guard spray for hands and throat
Abundance Through Pharmacology

doTERRA On Guard Spray for Hands And Throat

dōTERRA On Guard Spray for Hands And Throat This DIY dōTERRA On Guard spray takes roughly 1 min to make and doubles as both a hand sanitizer and throat spray. Not only does it feel good on the back of my throat (thanks to the numbing action of clove), but it helps protect against environmental

doterra flu diffuser recipe and diy flu bomb
Abundance Through Pharmacology

doTERRA Immune Boost Diffuser Blend & Bomb

If you are looking for a home-made recipe to help when you feel off, this doTERRA immunity boosting blend is for you! It can also be used as a Power Bomb or as a diffuser blend. Recently, my youngest son and I were feeling lethargic and coming down with something. I prepared the power bomb and

How enzymes help me live a life of abundance
Abundance Through Pharmacology

How Enzymes Helped Me Create A Life Of Abundance

When I first started to realize my diet was helping cure my life-long ailments (skin issues, bloating, etc), I was doing a 30-day cleanse. The cleanse I was doing involved a slew of supplements I really didn’t know much about… I really just took them because I was instructed to. It wasn’t until I started

homemade diaper rash cream lavendar essential oil - a DIY recipe 2
Abundance Through Pharmacology

Homemade Diaper Rash Cream with Lavender Essential Oil

Many commercial diaper creams include ingredients that can irritate a baby’s delicate skin. This quick and easy homemade diaper rash cream is simple and natural. This makes it great for soothing and softening skin. This recipe for uses Lavender and Melaleuca (Tea Tree) essential oil.  The base of this cream is coconut oil which is