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Emotional Abundance

Circle Of Life Exercise

What is the Circle Of Life Exercise? Often when we have a dis-ease or health challenge we tunnel vision on only one sort of input; whether that’s medicine, food, mindset, or something else. In reality, our healing will come to us fastest when we balance all the inputs that come into our being from all

3 Ways To Shift Your Perspective Using Wisdom In The Bible
Abundance Through Faith

3 Ways To Shift Your Perspective Using Wisdom In The Bible

Perspective is everything. Have you noticed how it is almost like parents and kids speak two different languages? I can remember a few years back when we decided to do a family vacation and head to the beach. We made it to the Gulf, where we were enjoying a few days of fun in the

my journey through the bible
Abundance Through Faith

My Journey Through The Bible & Why It Matters

When I stepped into a church for the first time as an adult on Easter Sunday in 1990, I heard the good news of the gospel for the first time. Shortly after that day, I gave my life to Jesus. I also began my journey of diving into the life-changing truths of the Bible. Gratefully,

The Power of Prayer and Meditation
Abundance Through Faith

The Power of Prayer and Meditation

I have been studying the Bible for years. When I first became a Christian, I was eager to learn about Jesus and His incredible story. He always seemed to do the right thing, and remain level-headed no matter how dangerous or chaotic a situation He was in. Naturally, I wanted to know his secret. How

Abundance Through Faith

Bible Study: Jacob’s Trick To Stay Strong And Healthy

If you are alive in the year 2020 then your hand has to go up when asked the question, “Have you ever been right in the middle of an unexpected turn of events?” 2020 has knocked the majority of people off balance.  The thing is, this is not a phenomenon exclusive to the year 2020

What is Faith in God?

So what is faith in God? Let me start this powerful topic by saying, I love the ocean! There is something deeply therapeutic about breathing in the salty air…it’s my happy place.  On our last trip to the beach, I convinced myself that I wanted to swim out and touch one of those orange buoy