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What is the Circle Of Life Exercise?

Often when we have a dis-ease or health challenge we tunnel vision on only one sort of input; whether that’s medicine, food, mindset, or something else. In reality, our healing will come to us fastest when we balance all the inputs that come into our being from all sources. If you’re looking to restore your body, this Circle Of Life Exercise will help you see where you may need some balance.

If you do discover that you are low in some of these other areas, considering my Life More Abundantly course which explore how to grow in each of these areas.

Circle of Life Exercise

The Circle Of Life Exercise

This exercise will highlight the areas you could use some abundance and healing in. Follow the steps below in order to complete the exercise.

  1. Print the image above or draw the circle and 12 axes on a paper.
  2. For each of the 12 axes, ask yourself “how abundant am I in this area?” (Read the axis descriptions below the Circle of Life image for more information on what each axis means)
  3. Circle the number related to how abundant you feel, where (1) is not very abundant and (5) is very abundant! Feel free to go higher or lower as well, the numbers are just a guideline.
  4. Connect all your circled dots from each axis to create a shape which represents your abundance.
  5. Reflect on your circle of life results and take note of areas that strike your attention. Have gratitude for your high-abundance areas and set intentions of abundance for all the rest.

The Circle Of Life Category Descriptions

The following are descriptions of each of the axes on the Circle of Life.

Healthy Body:

Wellness: This is your self-care lifestyle habits. This could include your skincare, haircare, and all hygiene habits. Feeling abundant in Wellness means that you are feeling groomed and clean.

Food: This is not only the food you typically consume in a day, but also the water you drink and any other substances you use (whether labelled ‘drugs’ or ‘medicines’). Feeling abundant in Food means that your body feels nourished and has sustained energy.

Activity: This is not only the amount of movement you regularly experience, but also the diversity of movement across your body (from your legs and back to even the tiny muscles in the eyes). Feeling abundant in Activity means that your body is relaxed and your energy is flowing.

Healthy Mind:

Confidence: This is how easily and authentically you express yourself in each moment, even when faced with perceived opposition. Feeling abundance in Confidence means that you clearly express your Truth without hesitation.

Focus: This is how concentrated your attention is on the object of your Will, even when distractions present themselves in your experience. Feeling abundance in Focus means that you can sustain your energy on the task you are committed to for as long as you desire.

Creativity: This is how well you can tune into Flow and channel your imagination into the physical world. Feeling abundance in Creativity means that you can express your inner nature dynamically through any medium without feeling attached to a plan of action.

Healthy Emotion:

Community: This is how easily you connect with other beings and the regularity of uplifting human interaction within your daily life. Feeling abundance in Community means that you feel supported by the people around you and that you willingly make space in your heart for them.

Intimacy: This is how deeply you connect with your significant other and with those closest to you. Feeling abundance in Intimacy means that you express all aspects of yourself with vulnerability and honesty and that you are fully open to feel the pain and joy of those closest to you.

Emotional Balance: This is how stable you are as you process and experience your emotional states. Feeling abundance in Emotional Balance means that you are able to fully feel and express your emotions without identifying with the emotions themselves. We are balanced emotionally when we are able to step outside ourselves and observe our body expressing emotions and thoughts without attaching to their stories.

Healthy Spirit:

Personal Growth: This is how steadily you are moving towards actualizing your highest potential or spiritual purpose in your life. Feeling abundance in Personal Growth means that you know your purpose with clarity and are actively moving towards that Will a little bit each day.

Spiritual Connection: This is how deep your relationship is with God and with Life itself. Feeling abundance in Spiritual Connection means that you are living in constant gratitude and Love, always having Faith that there is support and purpose for your life even when things seem hard.

Generosity: This is how freely you allow energy to flow through your life without attaching to it. Feeling abundance in Generosity means that you have a deep knowing that you can give freely at all times and this knowing rests on your Trust that all your needs and deepest desires will be met abundantly.

Interested in growing in abundance?

I’ve created a full course on how to cultivate abundance in 10 key areas of life. I grew up very poor in an abusive home, and I’ve taken all the life lessons I’ve learned in the last forty years which have brought me incredible success in finance, relationships, health, and spiritual health.

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As great as learning about abundance is, it only works if you apply it – and that can be hard! If you’d like support and structure as you cultivate abundance in your life, check out my abundance resources.

Abundance can start with small, simple habits. All you have to do is learn and apply them!

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