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Cleanse & Restore Class

Learn how to cleanse properly in 40 minutes

In this video, I break down what cleanses are, why they’re important, and exactly how to do them. I have personally had create success with the doTERRA detoxification system and so have 100s of others I know, so I’m excited to share that system with you in this video. It’s simple; it’s easy; and anyone can do it!

Discover The Fresh Start Cleanse

In the Cleanse & Restore class above, I mention my Fresh Start Cleanse, where I guide you day-by-day through the cleanse system I talk about in the class. We also dive deeper and learn more along the way. 

If you’re interested in the Fresh Start Cleanse, I offer it for free to all my doTERRA customers. If you’re one of my doTERRA customers, just log into my website and you can start the Fresh Start Cleanse as soon as you like!

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