Event Live!


First Early Bird Contest Starts: Dec 01, 2022
Official Contest Start Date: Dec 05, 2022
Official Contest End Date: Dec 16, 2022

Every year, I create a big community contest for all my Empowered Living customers. It’s an opportunity to celebrate Christmas as a community, while earning prizes, learning about essential oils, and having a ton of fun.

If you’d like to participate, simply click ‘Start Event’ on December 1st, and you’ll be able to join in on all the fun!

Note that this event is exclusively for my Empowered Living customers. Please create an account on my website with the same email you use on your doTERRA account in order to participate. Thank you, and I’ll look forward to seeing you in the event!

If you are having any troubles accessing the event, reach out to our support team.

Want to start early?

Download the printable 12 Days of Christmas Playcard. Come each day from Dec 5th to 12th to get the clue of the day. On the final day, you can use your playcard to unlock the Grand Prize keyword. If you answer the keyword correctly, you will get an entry to win the Grand Prize!

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Veronica Golloher

Sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂 Can’t Wait!! 🙂

Daphne Clark

Thank you

Martie Krynauw

I’m super excited to join and sent the details to everyone in my team as well!

Albina Kamaeva McCaffery

Omg. Will be fun!!!


Let the games begin 😃


❤️💚 can’t wait!

Liandra Vorstenbosch

Awesome, this is so exciting!

Arlete Cevada-Marcos

Downloaded and all set! Woohoo! 🎉



Liandra Vorstenbosch

Love your website Kimberley, so much to offer and thanks for sharing some freebies too

EL Customer

So happy to hear that! Enjoy! – Kimberley

Melanie Floyd Leslie

This is exciting! Thank you for this opportunity!


I downloaded the playcard and printed it! I am ready to go!


Thank you, this is so exciting. Downloaded the play card and ready to go.

Daphne Clark

Is Start the event the same as “join on Dec 1”?

EL Customer

It wasn’t live 12 days ago but is now – can you see the content now?

Daphne Clark

Yes, I can

Michelle Dinnick

Having trouble logging in, but so excited to join!

Last edited 8 days ago by Michelle Dinnick
EL Customer

If you need help, email support.com – We’ll make sure you can get in! 🙂

Liandra Vorstenbosch

I am not sure how to ‘Start Event’… My screen only shows EVENT LIVE in a bar at the top, but it does not do anything, I have managed to download my playing card.

EL Customer

As long as you are logged into my website, you should be able to click on Start Event and you’ll see the content there


How do we get in?

EL Customer

As long as you are logged into my website, you should be able to click on Start Event and you’ll see the content there

Gabrielle Baguley

I don’t see a start now either. But very excited to play.

EL Customer

Can you see it now?

Libs Peca

It isn’t allowing me in here fully as it says my account isn’t connected to you. I think maybe that is an issue with a switch from my original family email to my own when I started sharing. Bobbi is my upline and then Daphne – so we are definitely connected. Can we fix that up?

EL Builder

I’ve connected your account manually – give it another go!


I cant seem to log in

EL Builder

Hmm still waiting for my account to be linked to yours before I can join. It’s been close to half an hour I think? Maybe not that long…. anyway…. I don’t want to miss out lol

EL Customer

Reach out to support@Kimberley Milousis.com


This is exciting and intriguing


Had so much fun last year, and learned so much looking forward to it!

Lindsay Goodman

This will be my first year participating in the 12 days of Christmas event, excited to see what it’s all about! Thank you Kimberley for always keep the EO experience exciting!


So much fun!!


wish I could get into The 12 Days of Christmas


Please help – I cannot log into the 12 Days of Christmas event. Can anyone please give me a tip. Do I need my DoTerra number. I am not an Empowered Member and it says I have to be to join this event. How do I become an Empowered Member?


I’ve participated and answered the question in all the days so far but I’m getting emails to participate??? Not sure why this is happening?


It says I’m logged in and it’s joined to my account. As I set this up on Sunday.


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