12 Days of Christmas doTERRA Contest – by Kimberley Milousis
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It's My Birthday!

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I guess Jesus isn’t the only one with a birthday celebration this month! Any other December babies here? 

This year, I would love to foster a sense of joy! Anyone who knows me well knows at least two things about me: (1) I love to have fun (and can’t resist a good pun), and (2) community is very important to me. So, I would love it if you would join in for a silly activity with me:

“It’s time for Christmas carols with Kimberley!”

On the twelfth day of Christmas, dōTERRA gave to me:
Twelve lovers loving,
Eleven fighters fighting,
Ten maids housekeeping,
Nine lives enhancing,
Eight brains a-thinking
Seven figures slimming,
Six people praying,
Five shower things!
Four calming words,
Three Zendocrine
Two muscle rubs,
And an oil that’s super minty

The Prize

Each entry that makes me laugh will win:
(Sorry, we couldn’t get this pop-up working in time, we need to close it down since the grand prize is already being announced.)

How To Enter

Step 01 – Record a video of yourself (and anyone who is brave enough to join you!) singing the full, Empowered Living version of the 12 Days of Christmas song!
Step 02 – Send your video to admin@kimberleymilousis.com.

Announcing The Winner

Darlene berndt

Congratulations on winning
1x Limited edition dōTERRA chocolate

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