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12 Days of Christmas doTERRA Contest – by Kimberley Milousis
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Your Member's Area

The Empowered Living Member’s Area is a powerful resource for dōTERRA customers and builders alike. Spend a minute learning about what you can expect to find here, both now and in the near future.

1. Your resources

In this area, you will find all the resources that you have access to from Empowered Living, including full courses, events, community groups, contests, and more.

2. Your account

In the account area, you can change all the information on your Empowered Living account, as well as report any bugs or feature requests for the Member’s Area and the website as a whole.

3. Latest doTERRA promotions

Stay current on the latest doTERRA promotions right here in your Member’s Area. Click on the image for more details.

4. Courses you're currently enrolled in

Here you can see the courses you are currently enrolled in. Access them all in just one click.

5. Resources recommended for you

Based on your interests, specific courses will be highlighted for you. These will be the best possible events, courses, and opportunities to learn more about natural health and self-directed wellness.

Important: Change your profile image

It’s easy to change your profile image in your account settings. Doing so makes your experience more personalized while in the event. Give it a try, if you haven’t done this already!

83 thoughts on “Your Members Area”

  1. I am most interested in learning more about the oils and supplements so I can discuss with intelligence and confidence. Pleased with all the resources and opportunities for further training. I will need to make a plan so I can move forward.

  2. So happy to be here in this space I can feel everyone’s excitement and energy. I look forward to this daily and such a great way to end my work day. So positive
    Thank you

  3. So if you are trying to dilute an oil with a carrier oil on an infant, does it matter which oil you use? Would 1 oil have a different drop amount vs another?

    So a hot oil for example (oregano)- would it be the same as a more mild oil like (Lavender)?

  4. Sylvie Sylvestre

    I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the courses I have take from Kimberley and her team. I especially like the My Event Cafe platform as it’s interactive.

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Andrea 9 months ago
I appreciate the simple and easy-to-understand breakdown of what is available to us, how to access them, and what to expect- thank you! :)
Melissa 9 months ago
So much great education here, excit to dive in .
Albina Kamaeva 9 months ago
Thank you for all!!!!
Rana Kouyoumji 10 months ago
Very interesting, so sad that I joined late.
Adriaan 10 months ago
Great resource(s) and opportunity for learning! Thank you!
Anita 10 months ago
I love your page. It's so well organized and easy to navigate <3
Jean Smit 10 months ago
Thank you, looks so amazing!
theres1mel 10 months ago
Love how there are some many options to learn. You can engross yourself and become an expert! Thank you for all of this support!
Daphne Clark 10 months ago
I always love the amount of resources here.
Anie Rondeau 10 months ago
There’s always so much to learn. so exciting!!!
Gabrielle Baguley 10 months ago
Love it all, so much information available ❤️
Martina 10 months ago
So interesting and user friendly
Jpeca 10 months ago
Wow! Looking forward to learning more on essential oils and what doTERRA has to offer.
Jpeca 10 months ago
Wow! Looking forward to learning more about essential oils and what doTERRA has to offer.
Lindsay Goodman 10 months ago
Looking forward to getting more EO education! It’s so fun to learn more about EO, and make my wish list grow!
Nicole Carson 10 months ago
Tammy 10 months ago
So excited ! Its like an amazing advent calander filled with prizes!
Debbie Page 10 months ago
There is good information thank you Kimberley!
Julia 10 months ago
thank you so much for all the amazing educational resources!
Daniela 10 months ago
Thank you!