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30 Day MetaPWR Challenge

Transform Your Metabolism

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An Exclusive Course for all my doTERRA Customers

30 Day MetaPWR Challenge

Transform Your Metabolism

Does balancing your metabolism feel overwhelming? A bad metabolism makes us feel sluggish, foggy, and slow. This 30-day challenge will make it easy to get back to your energized, focused self. You will be given a simple supplement protocol to do every day and you can opt-in for daily reminders and product education for motivation. By the end of these 30 days, you will wonder why  you didn’t do this sooner!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started

  • Purpose Of The Challenge
  • How To Start The Challenge
  • Introduce Yourself

Your WHY And Your Goals

5 Pillars Of Metabolic Health

The MetaPWR System

Managing Expectations And Customizing Your Approach


Your Instructor

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Hi, I'm Kimberley!

It all began when I tried to find a permanent solution for the painful skin condition I’d been struggling with my whole life. When pharmaceuticals couldn’t help me, I went looking for alternatives. God connected me with a health practitioner who used doTERRA products to restore my skin. Today, I do the same for others by helping thousands worldwide restore their health through my doTERRA education business.

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