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Fixing Corrupted Cells

If you were building a house and the bricks became malformed and crooked, the integrity of the house would be compromised and you wouldn’t be surprised if it suddenly collapsed. Well, our cells are the basic building blocks of our body (all our organs, muscles, bones, and body systems are made of them). If our cells are compromised then it shouldn’t be a surprise if we feel collapsing ourselves.

In this lesson, we will look at what corrupted cells are and how they become corrupted, how we can easily fix corrupted cells, and why no one needs to be afraid of ‘cancer’. Let’s get into it!

Corrupted cells: What are they and why do they happen?

A corrupted cell is any cell which has become malformed or damaged. The outer walls of the cell can become damaged, the organelles inside of the cell which help it function can become damaged, or the core nucleus which contains our body’s DNA can also become damaged. When any of these parts of the cell become damaged then it cannot function correctly and often it cannot reproduce correctly which creates mutations in the cells or even rapid cell reproduction.

Corrupted cells can occur in a variety of ways.

  1. Internal Environmental Damage. This is when something inside your body damages your cells. This could be a toxin, virus, parasite, or any of the other baddies we discussed in this lesson. This would include toxic and unhealthy foods, heavy metals, viruses, bad bacteria, parasites, unhealthy skincare products, etc.
  2. External Environmental Damage. This is when something outside your body damages your cells. The most common example of this is electromagnetic field radiation (EMFs) which come from wireless technologies (cell phones, WiFi, smart devices, 5G, 4G, LTE, etc.) and our electrical technologies (refrigerators, switch boards, power lines, etc.). This could also include lots of regular sunburns across a long period of time.
  3. Mental Damage. This is when the vibrations coming from your thoughts are toxic for your body. Even though we can’t see them, our brain releases vibrational waves when we think. Our brain consumes a lot of energy and oxygen by thinking, and that energy is expended as brain waves. These brainwaves carry different vibrations based on they vibrational quality of the thoughts. By thinking negative thoughts (about yourself, other people, or other things – doesn’t matter), you create vibrations which are toxic to the health of your cells and your body. In fact, different vibrations will trigger different expressions in your DNA, which will create different experiences and states of wellbeing in your body.

Fixing Corrupted Cells

Your body wants to be in a perfect state of wellbeing and will do everything it can to heal and restore itself, all you need to do is support it! In this section we will look at how to balance the three sources of cell corruption and then we will explore powerful solutions for rapid cell restoration.

When looking at healing anything, the first thing that needs to be done is stopping the source(s) of damage which caused the problem in the first place. With that in mind, let’s look at each of the three sources of cell corruption and then look at what we can do to balance our exposure to them.

  1. Balancing Internal Environmental Damage. This is what our cleanse is all about! If you’ve been following along with the cleanse consistently and taking all your healing supplements, then you’re acing this and your body is loving you for it. Great work! I want to take a moment to give special attention to DDR Prime which we just started taking in Phase 03. DDR Prime is a powerful supplement for restoring and balancing the nervous system and it contains natural chemicals which are rich in anti-oxidants and also rapidly restorative to cell damage. Treat this supplement in high esteem and cultivate gratitude while using it for an extra healing punch.
  2. Balancing External Environmental Damage. Ideally, we remove all our exposure to the radiation in our environment. Unfortunately, most of us are addicted to the wireless and electrical technologies which are hurting us (myself included). As I’ve mentioned in previous lessons, my husband found a solution for environmental EMFs which will immediately balance and protect our bodies, even while in EMF radiation fields. You can check out the company he found if you want a simple solution, otherwise you need to find ways of limiting your exposure to EMF radiation as much as possible.
  3. Balancing Mental Damage. You may have noticed that I’ve included a lot of mental framing and affirmations in this cleanse course. You may have thought it was kind of strange and out of place to do all of this mental work when we are focusing on healing the body, but hopefully by now you can see that our body is deeply connected. In fact, some ancient cultures used to only have one word which meant both mind and body, which would be translated to ‘mindbody’ or ‘bodymind’. I like these words because it really shows how integrated our being is, and it’s not so separate as our modern culture would have us believe. To balance your mind, it’s important to: 1) be aware of what is going on in your mind, and then 2) refocus your mind constantly into vibrations which are uplifting and healing for your body. If you want to get an idea of what mental frequencies are healing for your body, use this infographic for reference.

Wow! Look at all the solutions you have for balancing out any corrupted cells which happen to be in your body. These cells can be healed and restored in no time, I’ve seen it happen in my own body and in the bodies of so many of my customers, friends, and family members.

Why cancer is nothing to fear

Cancer is a highly guarded topic in the pharmaceutical healthcare industry because of how lucrative it is. There are all sorts of regulations on what can and cannot be said about it. In this section, I’m going to dispel (dis-spell) some of the lies which are propagated in the mainstream culture by sharing some balancing truth statements with you.

There are TONS of cures for cancer. Yep, the evil Santa Clause isn’t real. Your bubble’s been burst if you didn’t know already – haha. Personally, I’ve seen dozens of people cured by a large variety of different methods. And if you start researching the topic from a non-mainstream angle, you’ll see that not only are there countless ways to cure this situation, but you’ll discover that there are actually government bodies under the control of Big Pharma that actively go and shut down every single non-pharmaceutical practice that advertises any one of the many cures. Let’s commit social heresy together now as I list off just a few of the cures for you:

  • Mindset shift
  • Deep breathing
  • Deep relaxation
  • Alkaline diet
  • Anti-oxidants
  • Therapeutic-grade frankincense oil
  • Cannabis / CBD oil
  • Radiation (EMF) protection

Everyone has cancer. While this may seem shocking and awful at first glance, it’s actually hilarious and hopeful. What the pharmaceutical industry calls ‘cancer’ is actually just one of our body’s natural responses to certain types of cell damage. Everyone with a body has this response when they get hit with the right kind of cell damage. In this way, everyone has ‘cancer cells’. The great news is that your body is very efficient and skilled at restoring this cell damage, as long as you support it and give it a relaxing, stress-free healing environment.

Cancer can be healed rapidly. Even in the mainstream pharmaceutical culture there are stories of people with ‘stage 4 cancer’ who make ‘miraculous recoveries’. Rather than study these people and look at the factors that contributed to their rapid healing, these doctors (often with a materialist worldview) suddenly jump to the convenient word ‘miraculous’. Why do they use this word? Well because it means they don’t need to look into it …because, you know, there’s obviously no cure for cancer (so it must be an act of God). Although I love to give God the credit, He works within the laws of the universe He created and, by studying these miraculous interventions, we can learn how to be ‘the hands of feet of Jesus’. Dr. Lisa Rankin did a talk at Google about these miraculous recoveries and the conclusions we find when we study them.

Cancer is not genetic. Well it is genetic, but not in the way they mean. It is genetic in the sense that it is a part of your body’s natural response to certain types of cell damage, and in this way every human has this ‘genetic cancer predisposition’ – haha. It’s not genetic in the sense that your parents had it and so you’re going to get it. That’s a fear-based scare tactic which tricks the mind into creating cancer in the body (it’s one of those spells I’m dispelling with you right now). Even the whole concept of medical conditions being passed down purely through genes is ridiculous, as Dr. Caroline Leaf explains in her videos. A short summary is that your genes have switches which can be turned on or off, so even if there was a gene which pre-disposed someone to whatever condition, you could switch it off easily with mindset and lifestyle.

Next Steps

Choose the Customization Path which feels right for you.

  1. Take another look at the ‘fixing corrupted cells’ section of this lesson. Choose one of the three areas listed there which you intuitively feel is the most helpful for your journey. Make one small change to your lifestyle which will help your body heal any corrupted cells.
  1. Take another look at the ‘fixing corrupted cells’ section of this lesson. Make one significant change to your lifestyle in each of the three areas listed. This will help your body rapidly heal any corrupted cells.
  2. Look through the four truth statements I made in the ‘why cancer is nothing to fear’ section. What beliefs do you have around the concept of ‘cancer’? Are these beliefs positive and life-affirming or negative and fear-inducing? The Bible says that ‘the Truth will set you free’, and there is great wisdom in that statement. It doesn’t say ‘the Truth will induce fear’, and so if you are having a fear-based belief, chances are you need to take another look at it. Consider watching the documentary ‘The Truth About Cancer’ which I link to below in the Inspiration Corner.

How concerned are you about cancer?

A. Very concerned

B. Somewhat concerned

C. Not at all.

If A or B: I recommend the Impact Path.

If C: I recommend the Steady Path.

Inspiration Corner

Affirmation: I am so happy and grateful that my body is so good at naturally healing and supporting itself. I love providing my body with a relaxing environment to restore itself in so that it can rapidly heal itself. I am so thankful to God for making me such a powerful, self-healing body.

Resource: If the subject of cancer is interesting to you, consider watching the documentary series The Truth About Cancer. In this documentary, the filmmaker interviews leading doctors around the world who question the pharmaceutical industry’s profit-focused cancer narrative.

Super Support

Although I didn’t talk about it much in this lesson, radiation and other toxins create free-radicals in the body. Free-radicals are particles which are not harmonious with their surroundings and instead bounce around in the body causing damage. Anti-oxidants are one of the most effective solutions for removing free-radicals. doTERRA has one of the most powerful anti-oxidants available on the market right now: clove oil. Even one drop of this essential oil is exponentially more powerful than all the biggest super foods, including goji berries, dark chocolate, and matcha. doTERRA’s best-selling On Guard essential oil blend also contains a high amount of clove oil and additional oils for immune system boosting and disinfecting.

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