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Note: Product packaging for Terrazyme and Zendocrine Complex have been updated since the recording of this video. Updated images in the Cleanse Guide below.

Supplement Protocol

In the above video I share a bit about my story and then go through the doTERRA supplements you will need in this cleanse. I explain how they help you and how best to take these cleanse products. 

These supplements are crucial part of this cleanse. Following the cleanse supplement guide will create an easier digestion process for you and allow your body to detox safely and effectively. Use this guide as a foundation to help you find out what works best for you.

Feel free to make small edits in amounts and times based on your specific bodily needs, this may take some time, but listening to your body is key. If you are unsure about how to listen to your body, read my blog post on listening to your body.

Supplement Protocol

Either print the below supplement guide out, or create a calendar schedule on your phone with alarms for reminders for when to take each supplement. These regular reminders are crucial to you completing your cleanse as you form these new habits. If you haven’t already, purchase doTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore Kit which includes all the supplements you’ll need for the standard protocol of this cleanse. Alternative protocols exist for certain situations.

Take During The Entire Cleanse (Days 1 - 30)

Zendocrine Complex: 1 capsule in the morning & 1 capsule at night. Helps with clearing organ pathways.

Terrazyme: 1-3 capsules (with meals – 1 for a mostly raw meal, 2 with a mostly cooked meal and 3 with a fully cooked meal) and 1-3 capsules before bed on an empty stomach. These enzymes help support food digestion.

Lemon oil: Up to 10 drops/day – start each day with 12 oz glass of water and 2 drops of lemon oil – continue drinking lemon oil in water throughout the day. As an alternative to lemon oil, you can take MeatPWR oil. Other citrus oils can also be used for variety. These citrus oils support the liver and cleanse the digestive system.

Lifelong Vitality: Up to 2 of each with breakfast and up to 2 of each with lunch and dinner. These supplements round out the missing nutrients in the average North American diet.

Phase 01 only (Days 1 - 10)

Zendocrine Softgels: 1 Zendocrine softgel with each meal. As an alternative, you can put 3 drops of Zendocrine oil blend in a veggie capsule and take that instead.

Phase 02 only (Days 11 - 20)

GX Assist: 1 GX Assist capsule with each meal. As an alternative, you can use the GX Assist alternate protocol. GX Assist helps destroy harmful parasites and bacterias.

Phase 03 only (Days 21 - 30)

PB Assist: 1 PB Assist capsule with each meal. These probiotics are key for restoring your gut biome.

DDR Prime: 2 capsules twice daily, once with an AM meal and once with a PM meal. This supplement helps optimize cell function.


Detox Symptoms

Consider this cleanse as a ‘Nutritional Rehab’. Some cleansing symptoms such as mild diarrhea, stomach cramps, headache, need for extra rest, and need for self-care are indicators of an initial and good detox. Skin outbreaks and prolonged digesting upset indicates the organs are not ready to process toxins out effectively. If you’re experiencing anything unusual, you can look through the protocol variations below. You can also reach out to me to ask any questions.

Missing Products?

If you’re missing products and you’re unable to order them because they are out of stock, feel free to reach out to me for product alternatives.

Protocol Variations

Alternative Protocol - Severe Health Issues

It can be challenging to make big changes when going through a severe health crisis, so it’s best to make changes slowly and steadily. One month may also not be enough time to reset your health in these situations. This protocol variation stretches the cleanse out over a 3 to 5 month period to maximize the efficacy while giving your body time to adapt.

Month 1

Take Life Long Vitality (LLV) supplements, Zendocrine Complex, Zendocrine Softgels, and Terrazyme as instructed in the Standard protocol, but delay taking the rest of the supplements for now.

Month 2

Do the full Standard protocol. Pay attention to your body’s responses and consider switching to the next alternative protocol (the one for skin issues flaring up) if you want to slow it down.

Month 3

Take Life Long Vitality (LLV) supplements, Zendocrine Complex, Zendocrine Softgels, and Terrazyme as instructed in the Standard protocol, and add in PB Assist for extra gut replenishing support.

Months 4 & 5

Repeat Months 2 & 3 if you’re seeing signs that more cleansing is needed. Focus even more on the cleanse food guidelines this time around.

Alternative Protocol - Skin Issues Flare Up While Cleansing

If your skin flares up with some sort of reaction while cleansing, this is a sign that the organs need more support before continuing with the cleansing process.

First, immediately stop GX Assist, PB Assist, and Zendocrine Softgels. Continue with Terrazyme, Lifelong Vitality supplements, and Zendocrine capsules. 

Once the skin issues have lessened, add Zendocrine Softgels back into your routine.

Once you’re feeling ready, re-start Phase 02 of the cleanse, but replace GX Assist with one of these two options:

1. Rub 1 drop of MelaleucaThyme, and Lemon (diluted with fractionated coconut oil) onto your feet twice per day.


2. Take 1 drop of Melaleuca, Thyme, and Lemon in a capsule once per day (with meals).

Once you’ve completed Phase 02, continue Phase 03 as normal.


Alternative Protocol - Cleansing For Children

Children are smaller than adults and so often don’t need quite the same amount. doTERRA has some variations of the cleanse products which they specifically recommend for children. With children, I recommend easing into cleanse with a pre-cleanse month focused entirely on supporting their body.

Pre-Cleanse Month

Take Terrazyme 1-3 capsules (with meals). Also take both A-Z Chewable Vitamins and IQ Mega or take Lifelong Vitality, scaling according to weight.

Adjusted Cleanse Protocol

Use the Standard Cleanse Protocol, but make adjustments according to these suggestions.

For Lifelong Vitality, continue with the standard protocol, but scale quantity according to weight or use both A-Z Chewable Vitamins and IQ Mega once per day as an alternative.

For Zendocrine Complex, take only 1 capsule daily with a meal, rather than twice daily. 

For Terrazyme, take 1-3 capsules (with meals) and optionally add 1-3 capsules (between meals) for extra digestive support.

For Zendocrine Softgels, during Phase 01, replace these softgels with the Zendocrine oil blend. Either put 1-2 drops on the feet twice daily (morning & night), or, put one drop of the Zendocrine oil blend in a veggie capsule and take once daily, with a meal.

For GX Assist, during Phase 02, older children and teenagers can still take this supplement, but can take this supplement every other day. For younger children, rub 1 drop of Melaleuca, Thyme, and Lemon (diluted with fractionated coconut oil) onto feet twice per day, OR, take 1 drop of MelaleucaThyme, and Lemon in a capsule once per day (with meals).

For PB Assist, during Phase 03, take PB Assist or PB Assist Jr only once daily (with a meal). PB Assist Jr is doTERRA probiotic for children and comes in a tasty sachet. It’s a great option for children who struggle with swallowing pills.

Alternative Protocol - Pregnant Moms & Nursing Moms

Cleansing is very important for pregnant and nursing moms since your new child will get many of the benefits as well. That said, it’s important not to make any intense changes which can get hard on the child. This protocol provides the important cleansing benefits while being sure to make only slow and steady changes.

Use the Standard Cleanse Protocol, but make adjustments according to these suggestions.

For Lemon oil, limit Lemon oil to 10 drops/day. Start each day with 12 oz glass of water and 2 drops of lemon oil – continue drinking lemon oil in water throughout the day. Feel free to use the other recommended alternatives as well, but limit all of them to 10 drops/day (in total).

For Zendocrine Softgels, during Phase 01, only take them twice per day, once with an AM meal and once with a PM meal.

For GX Assist, during Phase 02, do not take it! Instead, take 3 drops of MelaleucaLemon, and Thyme in a capsule once per day with a meal. 

The information provided here is for educational purposes only. It not intended as diagnosis, treatment, or prescription of any kind. The decision to use, or not to use, any information is the sole responsibility of the reader.

Take Action

Find the cleanse protocol that works for you, and then be sure to get all the products ready to go before you start Phase 01. doTERRA’s Cleanse & Restore Kit contains all the products needed in the standard protocol, and can be ordered from the US Warehouse (even for Canadians).

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