I've got my oils now what essential oil basics course for doTERRA beginners learning aromatherapy

I’ve Got My Oils Now What?

Essential Oil Basics Course

What's Included


An Exclusive Course for all my doTERRA Customers

I’ve Got My Oils Now What?

A Beginner's Essential Oil Course For doTERRA Customers

You’ve got your essential oils, but now you’re left with a ton of questions. Which one do you use for what? How much do you use? Are there different ways to use them? Is more better, or should I use a specific amount? All these questions and more are answered in this essential oil course for my doTERRA customers.

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An Introduction To Essential Oils

Essential Oil Use Cases

How To Get Essential Oils

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Hi, I'm Kimberley!

It all began when I tried to find a permanent solution for the painful skin condition I’d been struggling with my whole life. When pharmaceuticals couldn’t help me, I went looking for alternatives. God connected me with a health practitioner who used doTERRA products to restore my skin. Today, I do the same for others by helping thousands worldwide restore their health through my doTERRA education business.

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