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Unlocking the Power of Doterra Collagen

There are hundreds of different doterra collagen products on the market, and some cost a lot more than others. What’s the difference? Is there a difference? Does it really matter if I just buy the cheapest one?

In short, yes!

Collagen is a very long molecular compound, so it is incredibly difficult for the body to absorb. We all want the benefits of collagen, but we can only get those benefits if our bodies can absorb and metabolize the collagen effectively.

The most effective collagen products are the ones which are most absorbable. If you aren’t absorbing and getting use out of it, your cheap collagen becomes very expensive waste material.

Doterra Collagen: Advantage collagen is, by far, the most absorbable collagen supplement available. So, it is also the most cost effective in the long run.

Here are 4 reasons why dōTERRA’s collagen is more absorbable (and therefore more effective and affordable) than any other collagen product on the market.

Diverse Strength: 4 Reasons Doterra Collagen is VASTLY Superior

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REASON 01 - Hydrolyzed Tripeptide Collagen

Yes, many other collagens are hydrolyzed. That is the basic standard of collagen products today. But the question is how hydrolyzed is the collagen? For dōTERRA, the answer is ‘down to a tripeptide’. Let’s explore what this means.

Doterra collagen is hydrolyzed: which means that the molecules have been broken down through a chemical reaction with water. When the molecules are smaller, they are more easily absorbed by our bodies.

In natural form, the molecule size of collagen is around 30,000 daltons. Human stomach pores can only fit molecules which are 4,000 daltons or less. Most hydrolyzed collagen is only broken down to a size of 10,000 daltons, which is too big for our stomach pores to absorb.(1)

dōTERRA’s collagen hydrolyzed tripeptide is broken down MUCH further. The molecular weight of Collagen Tripeptide is very small, at about 500 daltons (2), which is 60 times smaller than a general collagen molecule. This means dōTERRA’s MetaPWR Advantage is 20 times smaller than the average hydrolyzed collagen products on the market.

You should congratulate yourself for taking the time to understand that!

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REASON 02 - Number Of Unique Collagen Types

Did you know there are 28 different kinds of collagen?(3) When supplementing collagen, it’s critical to consider collagen diversity since different types of collagen support your body in different ways.

Most collagen products on the market have two different kinds of collagen in them; sometimes three if they are more expensive.

Doterra collagen found in the MetaPWR Advantage kit has 9 different types of collagen in it, which blows away competitors by a landslide. Doterra’s collagen is also Marine Collagen, sourced ethically from fish in Italy.

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REASON 03 - Bioavailability

Bioavailability is a fancy word to describe how much of a substance enters the blood stream when it is introduced to the body. When the substance is in the blood stream, it is able to have an active effect.

Due to the large size of the collagen molecule, it is not very bioavailable to the body. doterra collagen is 12x more bioavailable than regular collagen. That means that taking 3g of doterra collagen will be equivalent to taking 36g of regular collagen from an effectiveness standpoint.  You are likely beginning to see even further why dōTERRA’s MetaPWR Advantage is much more cost effective!

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REASON 04 - Supporting Ingredients

Most collagen products contain only collagen. dōTERRA’s MetaPWR Advantage contains not only collagen, but 12 more powerful anti-aging supplements which either support collagen absorption or have powerful anti-aging effects on their own.

Here are a few spotlight ingredients in dōTERRA’s MetaPWR Advantage:

Hyaluronic Acid: This powerful anti-aging substance, which our body naturally produces especially in our eyes, joints, and skin, is essential to retain a youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for keeping our body moving smoothly, keeping us hydrated, and keeping our skin flexible. Unfortunately, Hyaluronic Acid production lowers as we age, so it is important to supplement it.(4)

NMN / NAD: MetaPWR Advantage includes NMN because NMN helps produce NAD+ in the body. NAD+ helps your body convert food into energy, while protecting mitochondria. A decline in NAD+ levels is closely related to the development of metabolic disorders, including diabetes and fatty liver disease. Anti-aging researchers at Harvard identify NAD+ as a promising piece of the longevity puzzle.(5)

Citrus Oils: The citrus essential oils in MetaPWR Advantage help the body produce Glutathione naturally.(6) Glutathione helps our body be able to process NMN/NAD properly. As we age, our glutathione levels decrease, so supplementing its production becomes essential for proper function. Glutathione also has many other health benefits, like the reduction of oxidative stress, the reduction of cell damage, and immune support.(7)

Other beneficial ingredients in MetaPWR Advantage are Resveratrol, Sea Buckthorn Extract, Phytoceramides, Biotin, Liposomal Vitamin C, Rose Apple Fruit Extract, Red-Orange Fruit Extract, and the full MetaPWR essential oil blend.

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