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doTERRA Convention 2023 Products

Complete New Product List

Discover the complete list of new products by doTERRA launched at the doTERRA Convention 2023.

If you’d like to get all the doTERRA 2023 Convention products, get them all in the limited time 2023 Post-Convention Kit.

doTERRA Convention 2023 Complete Product List

PB Group Horizontal 1

PB Restore & PB Assist+ (Microbiome Support)

doTERRA has released two new microbiome products which together contain 42 different strains of healthy bacteria. PB Restore specifically contains 29 strains; of these, 24 are probiotics, and the rest are Prebiotics, Postbiotics, and Phages. This product has the highest CFU on the market in its price range with 18 billion CFU (colony forming units). This is a measurement of how many of the bacteria survive the stomach and get to the gut. doTERRA’s double-encapsulation technology helps them survive.

PB Assist+ is the second product in the line, and this one is designed as a probiotic for the whole family. doTERRA used to have the PB Assist and PB Assist Jr products, and all of the strains from both of those two products are now in this PB Assist+ product. The bacteria strains in this product are microencapsulated and so the product ends up looking and tasting like a stick of sugar candy powder, although there is no sugar in it. Needless to say, kids and adults love them, and their bodies love them too.

Convention 0052 Layer 189
Convention 0040 Layer 201
Convention 0039 Layer 202
Convention 0025 Layer 216
Convention 0033 Layer 208
Convention 0030 Layer 211
Serenity Group Horizontal 4

Serenity Sleep System

doTERRA has expanded the Serenity essential oil blend into a full sleep system with the Serenity Stick and a reformulated Serenity Softgel. Rub the Serenity Stick on your spine, neck, or bottom of feet before bed to support sleep and help your body wind down. The Serenity Softgel is a simple capsule you can take with water before bed to add extra sleep support from the inside out. The Serenity essential oil blend can be diffused in the home as the night begins as a way to support sleep from an additional angle (and it smells incredible with pure lavender and Madagascar vanilla). 

Convention 0099 Layer 142
Convention 0092 Layer 149
Convention 0096 Layer 145

The Valerian essential oil in the Serenity Stick adds greater sleep support and supports 328 lives in a small Chinese village.

Convention 0087 Layer 154
Convention 0086 Layer 155
Convention 0089 Layer 152

One of the new ingredients added to the Serenity Softgels is tart cherry, which is a naturally occurring source of melatonin.

supermint toothpaste

SuperMint Toothpaste

One of doTERRA’s most popular products is actually their On Guard Toothpaste. Due to popular demand, they came out with a fresh mint flavour. SuperMint is doTERRA’s signature blend of 4 different mints designed to create a perfectly balanced mint flavour. And let me tell you, it’s heavenly! doTERRA recommends using the SuperMint toothpaste in the morning for an invigorating experience, and the On Guard toothpaste at night for a deeper cleanse. 

Convention 0118 Layer 123
Convention 0124 Layer 117
Convention 0121 Layer 120
Blue Lotus Horizontal 2

Blue Lotus Essential Oil

An almost mythological flower, the Blue Lotus has been at the centre of ancient Egyptian spiritual traditions thousands of years ago and has enchanted countries around the world ever since. Blue Lotus has powerful regenerative chemistry through a molecule called Squalene and has an absolutely alluring fragrance. Until now, there have been ZERO pure Blue Lotus essential oils anywhere in the world since this precious flower has been endangered. doTERRA has been working with a small Chinese village for years cultivating a brand new supply chain to ethically grow and harvest pure Blue Lotus flowers without any pesticides. The caring farmers who work these fields go through the Lotus pond every day and hand-pick every snail off of the flowers ensuring they have a pristine growing environment. 

Convention 0169 Layer 71
Convention 0221 Layer 19
Convention 0172 Layer 68
Convention 0209 Layer 31
Convention 0176 Layer 64
Convention 0201 Layer 39
Convention 0183 Layer 57
Convention 0187 Layer 53

Maria and Mr. Liu run the Blue Lotus Distillery in a small Chinese village. They were passionate about growing Blue Lotus before, but doTERRA helped them scale significantly.

Convention 0191 Layer 49

These farmers love their jobs and explain that they would be working in a dirty factory for less pay if doTERRA hadn’t created this co-impact sourcing project.

Birch Horizontal 4

Birch Essential Oil

It all began when third-party scientists tested the Birch essential oil from 27 major essential oil brands. Birch oil is notoriously challenging to produce and so these scientists wondered how many other companies were able to actually product Birch oil. The result: ZERO of the 27 major essential oil brands had even one drop of Birch oil in their products which they labelled ‘Birch Oil’.

doTERRA wanted to bring authentic, pure Birch oil to market, no matter how challenging it was. They sought the help of Skip Cavanaugh, who’s family had been using a heritage technique to produce Birch oil in small quantities for generations. Skip guided doTERRA and together they now bring you this 100% pure, scientifically-tested Birch Essential Oil. 

Convention 0154 Layer 86

Third-party scientists tested the birch oil from 27 major essential oil brands and found all of them were either synthetic or Wintergreen oil (which is similar, but significantly different).

Convention 0147 Layer 94

Birch oil is incredible challenging to produce naturally but is very easy to produce synthetically which is why so many businesses went for the easy financially ‘smart’ decision.

Convention 0168 Layer 72

doTERRA has been working since 2016 on cultivating a pure Birch oil which they could bring to market.

Convention 0145 Layer 96
Convention 0142 Layer 99
Convention 0141 Layer 100
Convention 0140 Layer 101
Convention 0129 Layer 112
Convention 0133 Layer 108
Shinrin Yoku Horizontal 1


Modern Japanese scientists have been fascinated with the positive health benefits gained by walking in the forest. They’ve discovered the exact science behind why forest-walking is so rejuvenating, and they’ve even got the Japanese government and mainstream culture on board. All across major Japanese cities, the practice of Shinrin-Yoku (translates to ‘forest bathing’) has become popular and the government has created special Shinrin-Yoku parks for the experience.

doTERRA loved what the Shinrin-Yoku scientists were doing, and partnered with them to create the Shinrin-Yoku essential oil blend. These scientists spent years discovering the perfect rejuvenating balance of natural chemicals, and all their wisdom is present in doTERRA’s new oil blend.

Convention 0068 Layer 173
Convention 0084 Layer 157
Convention 0070 Layer 171
Convention 0071 Layer 170
Convention 0067 Layer 174
Convention 0066 Layer 175
Convention 0007 Layer 234

MetaPWR Recharge, Electrolyte Drink

With 75% of people not getting adequate water intake, doTERRA has turned their attention to creating a tasty, healthy electrolyte drink. Coming in two crowd-favourite flavours, Wild Strawberry and Lemon Lime, this new electrolyte drink is set to hit the market in January 2024. doTERRA goes above and beyond standard electrolyte drinks by adding in a blend of 4 types of easily-absorbable magnesium for added hydration and overall wellness. This MetaPWR Recharge blend comes in simple sachets which you tear open and pour into a glass of water. Each box comes with a 7 sachets, perfect for a one week supply.

Convention 0005 Layer 236
Convention 0008 Layer 233
Convention 0009 Layer 232
doTERRA convention kit 2023 becoming essential oil products

Purchase the Post Convention Kit

This kit includes all the latest doTERRA products and is the best way to try them all out. All kits ship from the US warehouse, but you can order them to Canada as well. You can also buy these products individually.

Post Convention Kit Details
SKU 60226746
Retail $366.67
With my referral discount $275.00 ($82.50 savings!)

Post Convention Kit Contents
• Blue Lotus Touch 10mL
• Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing Blend 15mL
• Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing Blend Touch 10mL
• Birch 5mL
• Serenity Softgels (updated formula)
• Serenity Stick + Valarian
• Serenity 15mL (no change to product)
• PB Restore Duo-cap
• PB Assist + Stick Pack – Strawberry Melon
• Supermint Toothpaste

Post-Convention Products Purchase Links

All the new products will be available in the 2023 Post-Convention Kit which will become available Oct 1, 2023 from the US Warehouse. The rest of the products will be released for individual purchase in Oct-Nov 2023, except for MetaPWR Recharge which comes out Jan 1, 2024.

US Warehouse

Currently Available

• Shinrin Yoku (15 mL)
• Shinrin Yoku (10 mL)
• Blue Lotus (10 mL)
• Supermint Toothpaste
• Serenity Softgels
• Serenity Stick

Purchase Link

October 15th
• Birch 5 mL

Purchase Link

November 1st
• PB Restore
• PB Assist+

Purchase Link

Coming Soon

January 1, 2024
• MetaPWR Recharge Liquid Sachets

PB Assist Loyal Customer Perk Update
doTERRA had previously announced a loyalty perk that would apply to your LRP template in October and November for the new prebiome products. However, because the dōTERRA PB Restore and PB Assist+® ProBiome Gut Complex will not launch individually until November, the loyalty perk will now be offered for November and December LRP orders.

These launch dates are subject to change, please refer back to this page for updates.


Canadian Warehouse

Currently Available

• Shinrin Yoku (15mL)
• Blue Lotus Touch (10 mL)
• Birch (5 mL)

Purchase Link

You can order the following products to your Canadian address from the US warehouse.

• Shinrin Yoku (15 mL)
• Shinrin Yoku (10 mL)
• Blue Lotus (10 mL)
• Supermint Toothpaste
• Serenity Softgels
• Serenity Stick
• PB Restore & PB Assist+

Purchase Link

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