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I have a confession: I’ve never struggled with my weight. I know, I know. I am beyond blessed, and I recognize that! Part of my maintaining a healthy weight can be attributed to my lifestyle choices and my decision to live vibrantly, which I write about in my course, Life More Abundantly. Genetics plays a pretty meaningful role too. I’ve always had a fast metabolism, as have my kids, and so weight hasn’t been an issue for any of us.

But, here’s the problem: because I’ve never struggled with my weight, I’ve never really thought about my metabolic health. I just assumed that a healthy weight meant a healthy metabolism, or that having a fast metabolism was essentially the same as having a healthy metabolism. 

So whenever I heard about natural health products focussed on metabolism, like doTERRA’s MetaPWR, I kind of dismissed them. I assumed they weren’t for me; they were for my customers. After all, I didn’t struggle with my weight, so my metabolic health must be fine, right?

How wrong I was! After looking into the doTERRA MetaPWR line to give support to my customers and team, I realized I had a lot to learn about metabolism and metabolic health. I was blown away to learn that the signs of an unhealthy metabolism include:

  • weight gain
  • chronic fatigue
  • difficulty losing weight
  • dry, cracked skin
  • hair loss
  • sugar cravings
  • cold intolerance
  • difficulty concentrating
  • brain fog

When I first read this list, I was absolutely floored! While I’ve never struggled with my weight, I have experienced many of the other symptoms on this list. And not just once. Regularly. At that moment, I knew that I needed to get my metabolic health under control, so I started using the doTERRA MetaPWR products.

If you’re anything like I was, you likely don’t have a clear sense of what “metabolic health” is. So, I want to help you out by sharing with you what I’ve discovered. Together, we can pursue the goal of living younger longer! Because, ultimately, that’s what working on your metabolic health will do!

Live Younger Longer

The notion of living forever is everywhere in our society. Whether it’s the Fountain of Youth or preserving life through technology, it is an age-old human desire (pun intended). Unfortunately, what people often forget to consider is that living a long life is very different from living a long healthy life. 

While people in our world today are often obsessed with living a long life, many have overlooked the fact that a long life without health is, by no means, a blessing. We have become fixated on our lifespan, but our focus needs to be on our health span

Nutrition is the foundation of health, and yet 95% of us are nutritionally deficient in some way. This is why we all need to support our health through proper supplementation. When considering a good supplement system, you can’t do better than doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV). For so many reasons, this is the must-do, first step to restoring your health.

But taking in the optimal nutrition is only half the battle. No matter how good your diet and supplement system are, if you can’t metabolize what you take in properly, you aren’t benefiting from it. That’s where doTERRA’s MetaPWR products come in. This line of products is aimed at improving your metabolic health, thereby ensuring that your health span matches your lifespan. The result? You age well and retain your health. 

What is doTERRA MetaPWR?

The doTERRA MetaPWR line is a cutting-edge system designed to empower individuals to optimize their metabolism and metabolic health. This begs the question: “What is metabolic health?” Well, I’m glad you asked! In order to give you a comprehensive explanation, though, I need to describe what can be called “the wellness pyramid”. (Think of this as doTERRA’s Hierarchy of Health instead of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs!)

The Wellness Pyramid

The foundation of every healthy human starts, first and foremost, with healthy nutrition and a functioning digestive system. Every other aspect of health is impacted by our ability to consume and absorb nutrients. Unless you’ve ensured that you are consuming the necessary nutrients and that your digestive system is running smoothly, it is not worth trying to address other areas of your health. Start with the foundation, always.

After nutrition and digestion have been solidified, we can then work on our movement and metabolism. Moving your body and getting to the place where you are metabolizing what you take in are essential to a healthy lifestyle. 

When these foundations of wellness are in place, we can begin to consider other areas, including: achieving the proper amount of rest; reducing stress in our lives; reducing the level of toxins we are exposed to; ensuring ongoing and informed self-care; and being proactive – rather than reactive – with our medical care.

doTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack (LLV) helps ensure you are meeting the needs of the first level. doTERRA’s MetaPWR line helps you to optimize the second level: metabolic health.

Screen Shot 2022 09 09 at 8.51.14 PM

Metabolism & Metabolic Health

Metabolism is the chemical reactions that change food into energy for our cells. This energy is foundational to everything we do, from moving to thinking to growing to aging. At its core, metabolism is simply our body using fuel (like food) to create the building blocks it needs and generate the energy it requires to run cellular processes. 

Your metabolism influences your energy, body composition, weight, and even cognitive function. Some of the factors that reflect the state of your metabolic health include:

  • blood sugar,
  • blood pressure,
  • lipid types and levels, and
  • weight.

Good inputs – such as exercise, eating right, developing strong relationships, managing stress, getting rest, and ensuring proper supplementation – can positively affect your metabolic health outputs (listed above). The doTERRA MetaPWR line focuses on providing your body with vital nutrients and other ingredients to stabilize and optimize your metabolism.

Although they seem separate on the health pyramid, our metabolic health is inseparable from our nutrition and digestion. If we were all eating well, that would be good news. But, the truth is, the average North American diet is sorely lacking any semblance of balance. Instead, it veers heavily towards foods that trigger the body’s inflammatory response and throw off the metabolism. We see the toll of this diet bleeding into other areas, eroding other layers of the wellness pyramid, including movement and rest. 

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, in 2017-2018, only 6.8% of Americans have optimal metabolic health. Despite living in the proverbial lap of luxury, the average American has an impoverished diet, which lacks the necessary vitamins to boost metabolism. This leads to slow metabolism, which creates a detrimental ripple effect throughout the body. Consider, for example, the fact that metabolic health and biological age are so intertwined that researchers and experts have started using the term “metabolic age”. I don’t know about you, but I am very motivated to reduce the impact of aging and guard against vulnerability to disease!

The research is clear: the vast majority of Americans could use serious support in strengthening their metabolic health. This is where doTERRA’s MetaPWR products come in.

How does the doTERRA MetaPWR system work?

The doTERRA MetaPWR system includes three core components: the MetaPWR Metabolic Oil Blend, the MetaPWR Metabolic Assist capsules, and the MetaPWR Advantage products. 

The MetaPWR Metabolic Oil Blend is focused on helping get your metabolic health back to a stable and sustainable point. This blend is designed to:

  • inhibit fat cell maturation,
  • curb cravings, and 
  • support your overall metabolic health.* 
doTERRA MetaPWR Blend

The MetaPWR Metabolic Assist capsules go even further towards supporting your metabolic health. Incorporating powerful ingredients, like berberine, to boost metabolism, these capsules are designed to:

  • decrease post-meal sugar spikes, 
  • support healthy blood sugar responses, 
  • support healthy insulin sensitivity, and 
  • stabilize your energy levels throughout the day.*
doTERRA MetaPWR Assist

Finally, the MetaPWR Advantage product helps ensure that the benefits provided to your metabolic system go on to benefit other areas of your body and overall health. More specifically, this pleasant tasting dissolvable powder provides you with marine collagen and NMN, along with 12 other ingredients to:

  • promote healthy biological aging and improve lifespan,
  • activate longevity genes,
  • improve cognitive function,
  • support lean muscle and connective tissue, and
  • improve skin elasticity and firmness.*
MetaPWR Advantage woman family

Why do I need doTERRA MetaPWR?

Let’s cut straight to the chase. The research mentioned above makes it clear that we all need help with our metabolic health (apart from those remarkable 6.8% of Americans who seem to be miraculously managing well for now!). There’s no shame in needing help. Honestly, most of us likely didn’t even grow up hearing about metabolic health, never mind knowing how to care for it on our own! So, give yourself some grace. If you’re one of the 93.2% of Americans who need help with their metabolic health, you’re in good company – and you’ve got reason to be hopeful!

The doTERRA MetaPWR products are your key to strengthening your metabolic health and improving your health span, not just your lifespan. Personally, I think that that’s priceless!

Patience is a Virtue

Strengthening and improving your metabolic health will take diligence and patience. None of these products are meant to be a “magic cure”. I don’t believe in the philosophy of there being a “pill to cure every ill”. What I do believe, however, is that using supplements to balance our nutrition and support our metabolism – natural products that are made from the very plants and substances that humans have used for millennia to survive and thrive – is a crucial step towards health. With help, we can balance our out-of-control diets, stabilize our out-of-whack systems, and empower our bodies to heal themselves and thrive!

Your body is a remarkable creation! If it is given the right fuel and the necessary support, it will be able to regulate itself and function at full capacity. doTERRA’s LLV and MetaPWR products are designed for that purpose: supporting the tried and true systems that your body already uses to keep you going every day! So, adjust your diet to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to thrive, and then use the LLV and MetaPWR system to address the negative effects your body has endured from years of unhealthy eating and insufficient nutrient consumption.  Your hard work and patience will pay off as your body restores itself to its optimal state. It IS  possible.

Incredible Results

While I discourage the “instant results” expectations that many have when pursuing the natural health path, it has been incredible to see the overwhelming influx of stellar results people have been experiencing using MetaPWR. Check out some of the testimonials below.

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Michelle MetaPWR Testimonial
Ashley metaPWR Testimonial
Lillian metaPWR Testimonial
Julie MetaPWR Testimonial

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