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With my business, Empowered Living, I focus on empowering people with abundance. From abundance in the body with doTERRA essential oils and natural health, to abundance in the mind and spirit through my Life More Abundantly course; I make abundance accessible to everyone.

The offers I am sharing with you today will give you the opportunity to cultivate more abundance in your life by diving deeper into the world of natural health with doTERRA. I have also put together a list of free gifts on my website for you to experience at your leisure. Wishing you abundance,

Kimberley Milousis

Four Offers For You

Wellness Call Health Plan with doTERRA Essential Oils

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Personalized Health Plan
with Sample Kit

Get a free 30 minute natural health consultation with me. We will identify your top three health goals and find the best natural solutions which fit your lifestyle. Afterwards, you will receive a customized sample pack of natural solutions mailed directly to your home.

This gift is for anyone who is not yet enrolled with doTERRA. If you are enrolled with me, I’m happy to make a Health Plan with you.

3 oils

Gift 02

Make 1st Purchase and get Welcome kit

Any Purchase: Get a welcome package with samples and gifts

Purchase over 100PV: Get a full welcome kit with also includes essential oil tools and usage guide

This gift is for anyone who does not currently have a doTERRA account and who makes a doTERRA purchase through me.

Modern Essentials Handbook for doTERRA Essential Oil Education Reference and How To Guide 2

Gift 03

Essential Oil
Reference Book

Essential oils are powerful solutions, but they only work if you know what you’re doing! I am always keeping up to date with the best essential oil reference guides and I will send you one once you place your first 125PV LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order on your doTERRA account.

This gift is for anyone on my team who has not yet placed a 125PV LRP order. If you need help doing this, I’m happy to help!

doterra therapeutic grade petal diffuser promotion gift for sharing essential oils

Gift 04

doTERRA Premium
Petal Diffuser

doTERRA’s diffusers are therapeutic-grade. What this means is that, unlike most diffusers, the essential oils are diffused into the air without losing health benefits. I’m offering doTERRA’s lovely petal diffuser to anyone who hosts a class with me which results in 300PV+ in product orders.

I offer essential oil education classes in-person and online. I give hosting gifts no matter what happens, but this is rare!

Dive Into Abundance With These Gifts

Get these gifts and more by creating a free account on my Member’s Portal!

Life more abundantly course lifetime access to live a life of abundance

Life More Abundantly (Free Version)

I offer a free version of each of the four sections of my Life More Abundantly course. You can try them out once you’re ready.

Abundance in Physical Health (Free Version)
Abundance in Emotional Health (Free Version)
Abundance in Financial Health (Free Version)
Abundance in Spiritual Health (Free Version)

What’s Life More Abundantly? Learn More

10 Days of Life More Abundantly Abundance Content Phone

10 Days of Abundance e-Series

Build momentum towards your best life with this simple email video series. Each day I will send you one simple video which touches on cultivating abundance in a different key area of life. By the end of this program you will be inspired to live life abundantly and you’ll have some transformational tools to help you along the way.

Join the 10 Days of Abundance e-Series today

doterra essential oils for beginners ebook free download to learn essential oil education basics for diffusing, topical use, internal use, and diffuser blends spread contents

Essential Oils for Beginners Digital eBook

Curious about what essential oils are and how they work? This foundational eBook will teach you the basics so you can start using these natural solutions right away.

Download the Essential Oils For Beginners eBook

wide Essential Oils and sleep doterra cptg ebook for deep sleep and rem at night pillow spray

Essential Oils for Sleep Digital eBook

Having trouble sleeping? There are a number of natural solutions to help you. From simple habits to potent herbs, discover how to get consistent, deep sleep every night.

Download the Essential Oils For Sleep eBook

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Hi! I'm Kimberley

I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed creating it! Feel free to connect with me and let me know how it is serving you, or if you have any resource requests. If you like free content, at the bottom of this page there’s a sign up for 10 days of free abundance content – check it out!

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