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Free essential oil samples from doTERRA regional founder Kimberley Milousis

Free Essential Oil Samples!

free essential oil samples Are sent to you seasonally

Once per season, I send out free essential oil samples of some of doTERRA’s best products. These products will either be all-time favourites, seasonal heroes, or doTERRA’s newest product releases.

Also, I send out free essential oil samples on request. Fill out the form below to begin the sampling process!

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Request A Free Sample Anytime

Hi there! I’m Kimberley Milousis, a Regional Founder with doTERRA essential oils. Right now, I’m offering free essential oil samples to help show people how powerful they are. If you have a health concern and would like a natural solution, feel free to fill out the form below and we can start the process of getting you a free essential oil sample!

Your privacy is important. By sending us an email with this form, you are agreeing to receive email communications from us.

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Seasonal Sampling of doTERRA’s Best

Kimberley Milousis provides a seasonal delight for those interested in natural wellness through her offer of free samples of doTERRA’s best products. These samples are not just random selections; they are carefully chosen to include all-time favorites, seasonal specials, or the latest product releases from doTERRA. This thoughtful selection ensures that recipients get a taste of the best in essential oil products, whether they are long-standing favorites or new innovations in the world of aromatherapy.

A Personalized Aromatherapy Experience

By signing up for these free essential oil samples, individuals have the chance to personally experience the powerful effects of doTERRA products. Kimberley’s initiative is more than just a giveaway; it’s an invitation to a journey of discovery and wellness. The samples provide a hands-on experience of the quality and efficacy of doTERRA’s range, allowing individuals to explore the diverse uses and benefits of essential oils in their daily lives.

Easy Access and Continued Exploration

The process to receive these samples is user-friendly and accessible. Interested individuals can simply update their address using the form provided on the website to receive their seasonal samples. Additionally, the page offers resources for further exploration into the world of essential oils, including links to educational content like “What Are Essential Oils?”, “Why I Use doTERRA Essential Oils”, and an “Essential Oils For Beginners eBook”. These resources are perfect for those new to essential oils or looking to deepen their understanding of aromatherapy.

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