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Here's Why My Husband Is Not The Best At Gift Giving

Gift-giving has not been my husband’s forté. I love him, but there’s only so many times you can get chocolate for your birthday before it becomes a bit too predictable.

We often have this idea that we shouldn’t buy ourselves gifts, and we should only buy ‘luxurious’ things for others. Recently, I’ve been rethinking those unhlepful beliefs. I realized it was making me unnecessarily disappointed and frustrated. Instead of getting upset, I decided to be kind to myself and buy myself different, wonderful gifts this year. It’s been powerful and healing!

When I’m feeling fulfilled, abundant, and full of joy, it’s so much easier for me to share that good momentum with everyone around me. Buying myself nice things and treating myself to fun experiences – all in moderation – has been uplifting for my confidence and renewing for my spirit.

Some of the fun gifts I’ve bought myself recently include:
– A solo 4-day trip to Mexico, where I went scuba diving and ocean swimming, (yes, that’s me in the picture above!)
– Tieks: a fine Italian leather ‘ballet-flat’ shoe which supports a good cause,
– Some healthy dark chocolate bars (good for the body and soul 😊), and
– Some special/fancy doTERRA products 😇 (I mean, of course!).

Here’s a short list of my three favourite doTERRA gifts for you to get for yourself, or to give to a great friend in your life (instead of chocolate).

3 lovely doTERRA gifts ideas (all of which I bought for myself!)

Aroma Clutch

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I bought this monogram clutch for myself when doTERRA put it out on sale, and I absolutely love it! It came with these two beautiful essential oil blends: Radiant and Dream. I use the blends as perfumes and ‘confidence boosters’ before social events. 

Even though this isn’t available right now, you can try out Whisper Touch or Passion Touch, and both of those are excellent perfume blends as well. 

Also, if you join my email list, I’ll let you know when new limited time offers come out and I’ll get you a discount!

Rose Touch

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This oil is like a huge comforting hug. It smells like heaven! It makes a wonderful perfume, and it even helps to open up the heart (emotionally, but it’s good for the heart physically too!). 

I love to roll on Rose Touch after a warm bath before I get into bed; it feels like I’m at the spa and was just washed in floral water. It’s also a really solid on-the-go perfume.

Wooden Display

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OK. This might seem dumb, but I really love this box! I love having all my essential oils organized in a simple way. The oils are easy to fumble and knock over when they are just on my counter top, so having them in this box really makes using them that much more special. Order it on its own or get it free when you buy the Natural Solutions kit (CA / US).

I hope you enjoy this gift list. And, most importantly, I hope you spend some time treating yourself this week. After all, if you can’t love yourself, how will anyone else love you? 😘

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