How Enzymes Helped Me Create A Life Of Abundance

How Enzymes Helped Me Create A Life Of Abundance

When I first started to realize my diet was helping cure my life-long ailments (skin issues, bloating, etc), I was doing a 30-day cleanse. The cleanse I was doing involved a slew of supplements I really didn’t know much about… I really just took them because I was instructed to.

It wasn’t until I started seeing amazing results that I started to research to understand what I was taking. I quickly learned the Digestive Enzymes were a key ingredient to my success.

What Are Digestive Enzymes?

Enzymes are proteins that accelerate chemical reactions. These proteins are essential to life because they are involved in every process of the body. Not only is it impossible to digest food without them, but it is also impossible to breathe, think, build muscle, or pass urine without them. 

But enzymes are not one-type-does-all. Each bodily process requires a separate, specialized enzyme. Over 1,300 different types of enzymes have been identified! There is even a separate enzyme for the male sperm to gain entrance to the female egg to make fertilization possible. How incredible!

Why Are Enzymes Important?

Digestive Enzymes are extremely important because the health of one’s tissues depends upon the amount of enzymes present to carry on the metabolism of the body’s cells. But, as we age, we lose enzymes. 

Digestive enzymes are found in raw, uncooked vegetables, but they will not survive after cooking foods over 129 degrees. If you eat cooked or processed foods, how will your body digest these enzyme-deficient foods? Your body converts metabolic enzymes into digestive enzymes. Your body literally sucks away your life-force just to digest your food!

When stimulants like caffeine are used to provide a false energy output, the metabolism is artificially stimulated, and more enzymes are used up. This burns out your enzymes faster and results in premature aging. And, when the enzyme level becomes low enough in the body, death ensues. 

But it is not just your vitality on the line: your immune system is also dependent on a strong reserve of enzymes. If fresh, raw foods are not present in your diet in sufficient quantities, enzyme supplements become imperative.

How To Supplement

Taking an enzyme supplement is one of the simplest measures we can incorporate to increase our health and vitality. Practitioners who have recommended enzymes to their patients have seen allergies subside, hyperacidity and skin problems relieved and digestive disturbances alleviated.

Several studies have also shown that enzymes are effective at reducing inflammation and symptoms related to inflammatory conditions. Some studies have even shown cancer-fighting properties associated with certain enzymes.

What To Look For In A Digestive Enzyme

It’s best to have as many enzymes in a capsule as possible. I love Terrazyme® made by doTERRA because it has all of the active whole food enzymes needed for digestion.

TerraZyme® includes a blend of 10 whole-food enzymes that help with the digestion of proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, sugars, and fibre, plus it includes the tummy-taming essential oils of peppermint, ginger, and caraway seed. In addition, it includes Betaine HCL which increases the hydrochloric acid content of the upper digestive system.

I recommend to all my customers to take 1 Terrazyme® before a mostly raw meal and 2-3 before a mostly cooked meal. I also recommend taking one on an empty stomach before bed. Doing so can help break down undigested food and proteins floating around in the body, such as those causing inflammation.

How To Buy TerraZyme

The best and most affordable way to purchase TerraZyme is through a doTERRA wholesale membership which can save you 25% off of every order. Better yet, purchase TerraZyme at less than half of wholesale price by adding it to your order with the Lifelong Vitality Pack!

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