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Sharing Rewards Overview

There are three different kinds of rewards you can earn by sharing.

Reward 01

20% Cash Commission

When you refer someone to doTERRA and they make a purchase, you can get a cash referral commission of everything they buy in the first 60 days.

Reward 02

Limited Time Offers

doTERRA occasionally offers some of their top products as limited time rewards / thank-you gifts for sharers who reach simple sharing goals.

Reward 03

Sponsored Gifts and Promotions

I offer additional rewards to my customers who start sharing for the first time. Other doTERRA leaders on my team do this too!

Bonus Reward: My Sharing Contest

I run a continuous sharing contest for everyone in my Empowered Living Community. You can win Lavender, Jasmine, & Rose Touch oils as gifts!

How To Share doTERRA Essential Oils

Upgrade wellness advocate account from wholesale customer free in doterra to sell and share essential oils

Step 01 - Your Wellness Advocate Account

If you currently have a wholesale customer account, upgrading to a Wellness Advocate Account is simple and free!
  • When you log into your account, click on the “Account Profile” menu in the top right corner.
  • In your account profile, look on the right-hand side for the “Upgrade Account” button.
  • Click and follow the simple instructions to upgrade!
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Step 02 - Your 100PV LRP Order

New doTERRA Affiliate Program for casual sharers who love doTERRA products and want to share in their community walking women sharing

Step 03 - Share doTERRA

Now you’re ready to share doTERRA! Tap into your story and your heart to help others as you offer natural solutions. Below are three simple ways to share, which anyone can do!

3 Ways To Share Essential Oils With Friends

Oct 2021 Sharing Promo Vertical for Financial Freedom and Abundantly Living through a doterra essential oil business sharing party

Host A Natural Health Workshop

Invite me to come and teach an Essential Oils 101 class at your home for free. It will be a night packed with empowering content, transformational stories, and, of course, fun prizes!

Can’t do it at home? Let’s do a online workshop instead!

Oct 2021 Sharing Promo Vertical for Financial Freedom and Abundantly Living through a doterra essential oil business sharing party testimonials

Share Your AHA! Story

Everyone in doTERRA has an AHA! Story. It’s that moment when you realized, ‘Wow! This stuff really works!’ That story is powerful, and people need to hear it! It’s empowering to know that there are natural options we can use for our health.

Too shy for video? Share a picture with your story instead!

Help A Friend In Need

Do you know somebody who could really use a natural solution? doTERRA has helped millions of people worldwide and, chances are, we’ve got an answer for your friend too. Reach out and ask them how they’re doing. If they’re open, suggest a natural solution to help meet their needs.

Not sure what solutions to offer? Ask me your health question or reach out to your enroller.

Hi! I'm Kimberley

I hope you enjoy this information page as much as I enjoyed creating it! Feel free to connect with me and let me know how I can serve you better, or if you have any sharing requests. If you ever have any questions about sharing doTERRA essential oils, reach out and I’ll be happy to help!

Earn bonuses by sharing with friends

Give the gift of doterra, and earn!