How to Shop dōTERRA Products

Step 1

Click here to order your dōTERRA products.

Ordering your oils through this link will include a $42.00 CAD ($35.00 USD) membership that allows you to receive the lowest possible price on all doTERRA products (25-55% OFF!) + more than $445 worth of membership bonuses – including instant access to free essential oil classes, my private essential oil community, exclusive offers, and a 1- hour consultation with me where I teach you how to use the oils and assess your health needs.

Note: If you purchase a starter kit, your membership fee will be waived!

Step 2

Select your region and click “continue.”


Step 3

Pick your desired starter kit (this waives your membership fee!) to add to your cart OR click  “purchase individual products” to choose the specific product you’d like. Add any additional products if desired.


Step 4

Proceed to Checkout, enter your personal information, and purchase as wholesale customer!


Step 5

Your wellness advocate should come up as Empowered Living Incorporated, if it doesn’t, use Wellness Advocate #533375.


STEP 6 - Wait for your order!!!

Yay! Welcome to the Empowered Living dōTERRA family! Do the happy dance, it’s time to wait for your order! Your order will be processed and shipped soon. You will receive an email from my team within 24 hours.

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