I Didn’t Know I Had Digestion Issues Until I Did This!

I Didn't Know I Had Digestion Issues Until I Did This!

10 years ago, I thought I was healthy. I didn’t think I had any health issues. When I was asked what issues I needed essential oils to help with, I would reply, “I’m actually really healthy, thanks.”

What I didn’t realize was that my version of ‘healthy’ meant constant bloating and tummy upset every day. I had come to believe that was normal! After all, it had been my normal for twenty-plus years.

It wasn’t until I started using doTERRA’s DigestZen oil blend (known as ‘ZenGest’ in Canada) that I realized something could be done about my tummy trouble. I realized I didn’t have to live with constant bloating. I didn’t have to live with pain and nausea. 

This discovery ended up being the start of a bigger health journey where I learned about so many things I could do to support myself, including  supplementing, cleansing, and making permanent changes to my diet. But it all started with DigestZen essential oil blend. My life was forever changed by a few drops of oil every day. Common digestive upset it’s the sort of thing you go to the doctor for, but it is definitely the sort of thing that significantly impacts your life.

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I wasn’t always into natural health. I struggled with a painful skin condition for over thirty years, and that drove me to look for answers. When I couldn’t find any solutions using conventional medicine, I explored natural alternatives in the hope that they may work. Boy was I ever surprised when my skin cleared up! By cultivating healthy habits, an abundant mindset, and by using natural solutions, I look and feel healthier today – in my 50’s! – then at any other point in my life. It is now my joy and pleasure to help everyone else experience the same health breakthroughs that I have.

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