How To Purchase doterra Essential oils outside US & Canada

Europe, China, Australia, South America, Brazil, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Russia, Israel, and more

Ordering doTERRA Worldwide

Does doTERRA ship to my country? How do I order doTERRA to my country? Does doTERRA ship worldwide?

How to shop doTERRA and get a doTERRA Wholesale Membership for the best benefits and essential oil discounts

Step 01 - Open doTERRA's shop and select your country

Open doTERRA’s shop with this link: doTERRA Worldwide Shop

Select your preferred language and the country you will ship your products to most often.

Step 02 - Select your membership type

Wholesale Customer accounts get 25%-50% off retail prices, can access the Loyalty Rewards points system, can get free shipping, and can access the free product of the month. Learn more.

Wellness Advocate accounts get all the same benefits as a Wholesale Customer but can also get their own doTERRA affiliate link, a personal doTERRA website, and the opportunity to earn income sharing doTERRA. Learn more.

Once you’ve selected, then enter your information on the next screen, and continue on.

Step 03 - Select Your Products

If your initial purchase includes a kit, then you will get your wholesale membership for free. Normally, this membership costs the equivalent of $35.00 USD in your local currency. A membership is required in order to purchase products at wholesale prices (25%+ off), but does not commit you to purchasing.

If you do not want a starter kit, you can pick your own products. You have access to a lot more options, but you will be required to pay for a wholesale membership (although you’ll quickly earn the cost back in savings).

Final Notes

Before you finish, double check that you have have my company name ‘Empowered Living Incorporated’ there as your wellness advocate. This gives you access to all my education, training, community groups, contests, exclusive promotions, and one-on-one wellness consultation with me. If you do not see my image there, you can add me as your wellness advocate before you check out by adding my wellness advocate number #533375. Learn more about my offerings.

When you’re ready, check out your cart. Your new oils will be at your door soon!

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