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Cultivate the life of abundance you know is possible

If you’re reading this, you know that MORE IS POSSIBLE. For you, for your family, for you career, for your future. If you are willing to follow the spiritual principles and proven habits God has revealed to me, then your life of abundance is already on its way.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to life more abundantly

Welcome to Life More Abundantly


Introduction to Physical Health

WEEK ONe - Abundance in Food

Abundance through food - live lecture

Day One - Food is fuel

day two - creating a power fuel plan

day three - bad food is toxic

day Four - toxins disrupt harmony

day Five - weight loss & connecting with your food

Abundance through Food - dig deeper

Abundance through Food - Recipes

Abundance through Food - full printable chapter

Week two - abundance in fitness

Abundance through fitness - Live Lecture

Day One - Getting Physical

Day Two - I need energy

Day Three - the problem of pain

Day Four - sweet dream

day five - a good night's rest

abundance through fitness - dig deeper

abundance through fitness - full printable chapter

week three - abundance through pharmacology

abundance through pharmacology - Live lecture

day one - essential Oil facts: Sourcing, Quality & Extraction

day two - the purity problem

day three - how essential oils are used

day four - practical steps

day five - oil, oil, toil & trouble

Abundance through pharmacology - dig deeper

abundance through pharmacology - reflexology chart

abundance through pharmacology - natural cleaning recipes

abundance through pharmacology - full printable chapter

week four - abundance in physical appearance

Abundance through Physical Appearance- live lecture

day one - Your skin is a map

day two - why care for your skin?

day three - designing the perfect skin care routine

day four - overcoming bodycare challenges

day five - declare your beauty

abundance through physical appearance - full printable chapter

SECTION 02 - ABUNDANCE IN emotional health

Introduction to Emotional Health

week five - abundance in focus & Mindset

abundance through focus & Mindset - live lecture

day one - discovering your story

day two - neuroplasticity & Emotions

day three - neuroplasticity & Beliefs

day four - prayer & Meditation

day five - oils & Declarations

abundance through focus & Mindset - appendix D & E

abundance through focus & Mindset - full printable chapter

week six - abundance in family & relationships

abundance through family & Relationships - live lecture

day one - family & Relationships

day two - the freedom in forgiveness

day three - critical conversations & Honour

day four - don't worry, be happy

day five - sexual intimacy

abundance through family & relationships - appendix F

abundance through family & relationships - full printable chapter

section 03 - Abundance in financial health

Introduction to Financial Health

week seven - abundance in finances

abundance in Finances - live lecture

day one - do you love money?

day two - budgeting basics

day three - let no debt remain

day four - build a pipeline

day five - a word about your worth

abundance through finances - appendix G

abundance through finances - appendix H

abundance through finances - Full printable chapter

week eight - abundance in philanthropy

abundance through philanthropy - live lecture