How To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset
and break limiting beliefs across 10 key areas in life

Are You Ready to Hear God's Truth for Abundance in Your Life?

Are You Feeling Abundant?

I know what it's like to doubt God.

I used to wake up reluctantly, skin raw with itchiness in an over-crowded basement apartment beside a man I would argue with more than hug only to get up and go to a soul-sucking job.

Let me tell you friends, it gets better. I'm not particularly special or exceptionally talented, and yet I'm now living in a healthy body in a luxurious house with a family I love dearly, and I get paid to share products and messages that I am passionate about!

So what changed?  I am a firm believer that God partners with those who take action; He directs a moving object but not a stationary one. I know because I put in the work and God rewarded that. I tackled my problems head-on and realized my perspective needed shifting.

I shifted my mindset from one of lack to one of love - receiving God's heart for abundance. There is always enough for everyone to have everything they need and more.

Where Do You Need Abundance?

Your body is the mechanism through which you experience your world. So it's no wonder that having a healthy balanced body vastly improves your quality of life. Join me on this journey as we discover how to cultivate abundance in our Food and Fitness while wielding the power of Pharmacology and positively framing our Physical Appearance.

It's hard to be abundant when you get up in the morning filled with overwhelming dread. Balancing emotions is often viewed as a mental art, but it's even easier when you combine it with the right physical inputs. Discover how you too can have lasting abundance through Focus & Mindset, and watch how it will overflow into your Family & Relationships.

The topic people often associate with abundance is finances. My course will dive deep into the correct mindsets and habits you need to cultivate wealth. Because of my background as a CPA, you can be sure I will provide you with sage advice for abundance in your Finances and through your Philanthropy.

Abundance in Spirit? What does that even mean? Join me on a journey through the Bible as I explore how every Christian can have an abundant relationship with God. We will dive into this complex topic through two key areas where we will uncover abundance in our everyday Faith and also in our hopes for the Future.

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This is the first course to cover all 10 key areas of your life from an abundance perspective. If you are feeling like there is a glass ceiling hindering your potential, you are the sledgehammer and this course is your glass-breaking guide. Purchase the course today and you will get the course launch special of 50% off the full course price.

In Life More Abundantly You Will...

  • Create goals and strategies that align with an abundance mindset and grow your belief so you can achieve them with ease
  • ​Learn practical tools to free yourself from the lack mindset that has sabotaged your growth in the past
  • ​Begin each day with renewed hope, vision and confidence as you engage in learning and activities that set you up for success
  • Leave frustration, procrastination, and doubt behind while you build unstoppable abundance
  • ​Get unstuck and move forward again toward your life goals and dreams
  • Develop powerful daily practices to help you successfully create abundance In the 10 key areas of your life

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  • Complete Course: Kimberley teaches through both video and workbook lessons how to cultivate an abundance mindset and break limiting beliefs across 10 key areas in your life.
  • Comprehensive Workbook: Daily assignments, engaging content, viewer guides, thought-proking questions, & life evaluation tools.
  • Food Diary: Detailed journal for food and lifestyle habits to guide you towards abundance physically.
  • Finance Diary: Structured fill-in-the-blank guide to train your mind to think abundantly within your specific financial situation.
  • Personal Recipes: More than 30 recipes included within the course ranging from air fresheners to healthy snacks to natural cleaning.

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