Loyalty Rewards Program

Monthly Wellness Box
Your subscription self-care package

Want to lead a healthy lifestyle without spending hours researching products for your family or driving store to store?​

Get the best in personal care, beauty, and household products and have doTERRA take care of it all for you.

You’ll get to try a huge selection of health and wellness products each month.

And unlike other subscription boxes, you’ll NEVER end up with a product you won’t use.

Your Monthly Wellness Box is fully customizable and can be edited each month –  there is no minimum order required.

My Monthly Wellness Box Recommendations

You can customize your box and add anything you want inside of it! By subscribing to your Monthly Wellness box, you will get access to products from doTERRA at the greatest possible discounts. 

To get started, here are some of the best product recommendations:

How It Works

The Monthly Wellness box works through the LRP Rewards system.

You set-up LRP in the backend of your doTERRA account. When you create your first order, it recurs every month. All you need to do to change your order each month is to edit the items you selected for LRP before the 15th.

You can cancel your Monthly Wellness box at anytime. 

BONUS: Just like Air Miles, you earn points for any Wellness Box order over 50PV (roughly $75 including shipping). 

If you consistently place Monthly Wellness Box orders of 50PV or more, you get back up to 30% of your order in points which you can use to redeem for free products.

Customers Reviews

I look forward to my wellness package because I know I’m taking care of my family. No more running around to the drugstore after work or using the bad stuff because I couldn’t get to the health store in time. The products feel good and are not only helping me but also the planet. I am very pleased with my subscription!

Andrea Mann
I have been subscribing for a bit over 3 months and these products have completely changed my home. I use only the soaps from doterra as well as their detergent and I feel like I REALLY upgraded my lifestyle. My home feels clean and smells wonderful!
Karen Marshall
I have made my health a priority by ordering this box. I don’t make that much, but I know I can afford this subscription. I really care about using healthy products on my skin and the bonus points I get when I order more really helps. I feel good doing this for myself and I trust doTERRA’s products.
Charissa M

How To Place Your Monthly Wellness Box Order

1. Login to your doTERRA account and select Shop. 

2. On the right hand side, there is a box that says Your Loyalty Orders. Above this box there is text that says Pick a Warehouse. Ensure the warehouse selected is Canada.

3. In the same box of Your Loyalty Orders, select Create New LRP Order. This will open a calendar for you to select the date your want to receive your Monthly Wellness Box. 

4. Select a date before the 15th if you’d like to be eligible for a free product of the month. Click save date and shop.

5. Now add products to your order! Simply click Add and the item will be added to your Loyalty Rewards order.

6. Now click Save and Process Order and the order will be saved on the date you chose it!

7. If you want to edit your order, please do so a day before the order date. After you receive your Wellness box, you can edit your Loyalty Rewards order and make a new one.

Congratulations! You’re all done.

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