Master The Art Of Selling (Part 2)

Master The Art Of Selling (Part 1)

If you’d like to become a great salesperson in a way that feels both natural and effortless, look no further and keep on reading!

I encourage you to first read Part 1.

In this blog post you will learn what I believe to be the 7 Key Principles of Great Selling, helpful resources, and the do’s and don’ts of selling.

The 7 Key Principles are universal and can be applied by anyone regardless of their business. While the principles of selling are not a technique, they can easily be applied in a way that feels genuine.

Let’s get started!

WARNING: This is an active blog post! Grab a pen and paper and set aside 20 minutes.

7 Key Principles of Great Selling

1. Get Over Yourself!

Love is not self-seeking.

If you are focused on yourself you will not be an excellent salesperson. I talked a lot about this in Part 1.

We have to choose love instead of fear and focus on serving those we come in contact with.

When you shift your mindset from a taking mindset to a giving mindset, you will realize that you are giving your customers something of value through the products you share.

Focus on what this product can do for them, and how it can help them. Self-centred thoughts like “Am I awkward? Do I sound salesy?” are not going to cut it! Hint: salesy isn’t even a word. 

2. Know Thyself

Know what you’re good at and what you’re not good at. Know what your strengths are! You can find this out by taking an online strengths-finder test.

I personally love Gallup’s Strengthsfinder ($19.99 USD for a basic test) which takes about 20 minutes to complete.

I found it so enlightening to see my strengths and the strengths of my leaders. When some of my leaders were struggling, I knew I needed something else to help them so I had to get training outside of my network marketing business.

I was giving my leaders tons of strategies thinking that was all they would need (my #1 strength) but what they really needed was someone to listen to them.

My 24th strength was empathy because I don’t enjoy listening to people talk about their troubles. However, my leaders just need someone to listen to them – that’s all.

I would really recommend you do a strengths test!

Get your piece of paper. I want you to write down answers to the following prompters:

I’m really good at…

My friends say I’m good at…

Everyone always asks me to…

I’m really happy when I…

Someone I admire as a salesperson is…

I think what makes them a great salesperson is…

The first time I did this in person I had a woman sitting beside me who was determined to believe that she wasn’t a good salesperson. She identified that she was really good at helping people, was a good listener, and that everyone always asks her to help them.

I asked her “Aren’t listening and identifying the needs of the customer the qualities of a good salesperson?”.  Indeed they are!

She was identifying that she wasn’t a good salesperson yet what sales really is about listening to someone and meeting their needs.

When we look at people we admire as a salesperson, they are usually good at talking and good at overcoming people’s concerns.

We often disqualify ourselves because we imagine our skills don’t match the awesome salespeople we know.

Remember that everyone’s version of a great sales person is going to look different but it doesn’t mean it’s not equally as good!

doTERRA USConventionKit9329 scaled 1

3. Know Your Product

You don’t have to know everything about your product before you start selling, but you do need to become an expert.

In my business, cleansing is a foundation of people’s health so cleanse kits are quite popular.

Without knowing the products in a cleanse kit or how they worked I wouldn’t be able to serve my customers adequately.

Where is your product sourced? Where is it made? What is the benefit of this service? Have a clear idea of what it is you are saying. 

I want you to take your piece of paper out. Please write down answers to the following prompters:

A product I want to sell more…

The key features of this product are..

The needs that this product helps meet are..

People will be better of with this product because…

I’m excited to sell this product because…

4. Know Their Problem

What is the problem that you are seeking to meet? Maybe you need to do a bit of digging in this case.

Understand and know your customer’s problems better than they do. Sometimes I know their problem and they don’t even know they have problem!

5. Describe Their Problem (Better Than Them)

Describe the problem to your customers better and clearer than they can.

Sometimes you’ll have to tell them what their problem is when they don’t even know they have one!

I had made a friend selling Pampered Chef and she had a presentation to some women make about her product and was unsure of what to do.

I am familiar with the product line and one of the products was a salad dressing mixer that was easy to use and would make dressing quickly.

I suggested that she showcase the dressing mixer and show them how to use this product. In order to sell it, she would need to explain why commercial salad dressing is bad (describing the problem).

Commercial dressings are full of toxic chemicals such as anti-freeze, GMO oils, etc.

By revealing this fact, the ladies would know what the problem is and how the dressing mixer could help solve the problem.

Look at a sale as a revealing of the solution. That’s really what the sale is – a solution to the problem you’ve helped them identify.

6. Reveal The Solution

Revealing the solution to their problem is when you state your options for purchase. It’s unhelpful to show them a problem without telling them a solution.  

Look at a sale as a request to purchase – as a revealing of the solution.

You’re really putting before them the solution to the problem that you helped them identify which leads us to our next step.

7. Decision Time

Ask them to make a decision!

Out of all the options you’ve shown them which one would best meet their need?

Ask them to make a decision about purchasing a product. Otherwise, they’re never going to get into their home what they need to solve their problem.

This last step is crucial and is done by being direct and straightforward.

You Won't Believe How Emotions and Diseases are Connected!

What Not To Do

1. Manipulate

Avoid manipulation. 

Once you are manipulating you are not operating in a place of love. 

Someone called me from a charity and after I said no the first two times the third time they tried to say something about my kids and that they would only be safe if I donated money.

Cringe-worthy, right?

2. Description

You need to have an abundance mindset.  

Buy this and I’ll give you X will never lead to good results.

Remember that this is when you are selling. No need to beg for a sale!

3. Apply The Right pressure

Imagine that in my bag I had a remedy for somebody who was sitting next to me and having trouble breathing.

I knew if they applied this remedy they would be better.

They don’t know me and they don’t know what I’ve got, so I would apply some pressure to get them to use it.

However, I won’t apply unnecessary pressure for them to make a decision. I would say something like “It would be better to make a decision tonight” and offer them a bonus if they purchase now.

I don’t say “You better purchase tonight or else” and become a pushy salesperson.

4. Avoid Too Much Or Too Little Information

You want to say just enough about your product so they can make a decision but not so much that they are weighed down by decision fatigue.

If they’re feeling like your solution is a good one they are more than likely to make a decision right away.

4 Key Takeaways

1. Listen

Take time to hear what your customers have to say and ask them questions. 

Not only will you engage with them more but you will learn about their needs and how to serve them best.

2. Use Resources

Here are two resources that greatly have helped me and my team:

  • The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino
  • ICAN institute: I’ve referred team members there to work on their mindset. It specifically focuses on helping the mindset of women.

3. Provide Solutions

you’re connecting people with what they need as a salesperson. If their concern is about the money you can put together a package that will meet their needs and is in line with their budget.

Find out what their hesitation is e.g. thinking that they have to order monthly.

I had a person who really wanted to purchase a kit but couldn’t afford it so I recommended she host a workshop. If she enrolled X amount of people she’d have the money to buy a kit.

Find a solution that will help them!

4. Relax

People can sense fear more than anything so get the focus off of yourself entirely.

Focus on love and serving. The book I recommended, The Greatest Salesman in the World, has a series of scrolls (love-affirming affirmations) that can help guide you in this process.

There is no fear in love but perfect love drives out fear.”


All of the information in both Parts 1 & 2 are from my personal journey and experience. The 7 Key Principles and resources can absolutely change your life if you apply them correctly.

Remember that change takes time so focus on making small changes gradually.

May your journey ever increase in sales, happiness, and most of all – love!

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If you’re serious about cultivating a life of abundance, work through this course.

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