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Hey! I'm Kimberley. I help motivated people become successful entrepreneurs. Take the first step towards creating a meaningful life right now byreaching out and sharing your business goals. I will personally respond and give you your first steps. Are you ready for change?

Yes, Let me share my goals.

Hello beautiful!

Yes, I’m talking to you! Beauty doesn’t come from the outside, it is a reflection of our inner state of being.

When we are true to who we are and in harmony with our environment we SHINE.

I know because I have been on the other side. Now I live my life with passion and integrity.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is NECESSARY.

Hey, on the outside things may look pretty good. Maybe your pay isn't bad, your benefits are great, or your office is nice.

But on the inside - I think we both know it’s not enough.

Your desire to make a difference, to be financially free, to give to others in abundance, to love what you do for a living, to have more time for the things you value - CAN become a reality!

I’ve seen it happen in my life and the lives of those partnered with me.

If this interests you, I recommend you get started with any one of my links below to begin creating a life and business you love today!

Hi, I'm Kimberley!

I'm a Successful Home Based Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Public Speaker, and Strategist Extraordinaire (it's also my #1 strength on Strengthsfinder).

My mission is to accelerate your path towards success. In the past 5 years I have created an organization with a global team that continues to expand under my leadership.

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What people are saying about me

  • Kimberley is a dedicated leader. She is well balanced between rationality, spirituality, and she shows us the way of being a humble servant while still being a leader in this business. She shares openly from her heart and is an amazing business woman, with a huge heart. Her teaching helped me grow personally and in my business as well. She has been a great mentor and she believed in me before I did in myself. I’m forever grateful to have met her. She’s a light for everyone that meets her.

    Marie-Kim Provencher Presidential Diamond & Double Blue Diamond Leader with Doterra International
  • Kimberley Milousis epitomizes what a mentor is: a wise and trusted counselor; an influential supporter... but she is also much more. Her leadership and guidance continues to lead me, and all members of her team into growth, uncovering all that is within each individual, as we rise into the fullness of our purpose and live out all we are meant to be. We are blessed to be under her tutelage.

    Jodie Rogers Platinum Leader with Doterra International & Former Director of Sales & Marketing
  • Kimberley Milousis is one of those amazing people who lights up your life each time you interact with her. She has a way of teaching others through memorable clear examples. She is an incredible teacher and example of hard work and consistency. Her background in Accounting is impressive and I often use Kimberly as an example of a professional woman of faith for others to follow!

    Kierston Kirschbaum Network Marketing Professional and doTERRA Presidential Diamond

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