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Dirty Deadlines

There are many perks to being your own boss. You can wear pajamas to your in-house office. You can eat (organic) popcorn all day while you work. You don’t have to worry about doing your hair or having bad breath or getting rid of the ketchup stain on your pants. […]


doTERRA Finance Q&A

As a doTERRA Blue Diamond leader and former CPA tax specialist, I often get asked about, well, finance! Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I get by those with a doTERRA business. 1. What are the top 3 most effective tax reduction strategies for a family where […]


Hanging Garden of My Dreams

What voice will you listen to? Just before I was about to plant my “hanging garden” of tomatoes, I spoke with a farmer. When he heard what I wanted to do he said, “Ach! I tried that and it was a waste of time. The plants never produced any fruit. […]