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Sterling Silver Earth Frequency Bracelet

Frequency: Essential Vibes Earth Frequency

Material: Sterling Silver

Diameter: Will fit anything 2.9 in (7.4 cm) or smaller

Circumference: Maximum: 9.5 (24 cm)

Weight: ~0.5 lb

Color: Silver

This Essential Vibes Earth Frequency Sterling Silver Drawstring Bracelet contains the concentrated power of the Earth in wearable form. It is a powerful EMF protection solution which works as soon as you put it on. Customers who have worn this bracelet have experienced mental clarity, more energy, emotional balance, improved strength, better sleep, better immunity, and improved recovery from pain and illness.

This is an excellent solution for those who want power of the Essential Vibes Earth Frequency technology in a stylish and adjustable bracelet. This bracelet comes in one size but fits on a wide variety of wrist sizes due to its drawstring design.

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Sterling Silver Earth Frequency Bracelet

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This Sterling Silver Drawstring Bracelet is a beautiful healing tool for those who want to wear charged Earth Frequency technology in 925 sterling silver. On top of the healing benefits from the Earth Frequency charge, this bracelet offers the natural detoxification benefits that come with wearing pure silver. We recommend this healing bracelet for women of any wrist size who appreciate high-quality metals.

Frequency: Earth Frequency

Material: 925 sterling silver

Circumference: 6.5 inches (adjustable)

– Constant grounding
– EMF / 5G Protection
– Increased Oxygen / Prana
– Physical Body Alignment
– Energy Body Stabilization
– Emotional Regulation
– Mental Focus & Clarity
– New Earth Ascension

How Earth Frequency Tech works
Importance of EMF Protection

Product Care: Treat this as you would any fine jewellery. If your body is not alkaline, this may cause the bracelet to tarnish. If this happens, simply polish it.


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