1. Click Here to sign up under my store. By signing up through me you will instantly have access to my private Facebook community, exclusive offers, and a one hour consultation with me where I teach you how to use the oils and assess your health needs.

2. Select Join and Save at the very top. For a one time fee of €20.00 EUR you will receive the lowest possible price on all doTERRA products. Here are the benefits of a Wellness Advocate membership:

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3. Select Europe and then choose your country.


4. Confirm your Wellness Advocate membership. You’ll see that Preferred Member Prices is an option but it is rarely used.

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5. Enter your personal information, contact and shipping address. There will be a section asking for your Sponsor ID. If this is not automatically filled out, enter the following:

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6. Now you are ready to order! You can select any product you like. If you purchase a starter kit you don’t pay the €20.00 EUR Wellness Advocate fee and you receive all additional items at 25% off! View the Enrollment Kit Flyer, product-list-euro target=”_blank”> European product list as well as my top picks for your first order!

If you not want a starter kit, select the Welcome Pack & Enrollment Fee (€20.00 EUR) and then you will able to add any products to your order at wholesale price.

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7. Now you are ready to add products. Type into the Enter additional item # or product name field. A drop down menu will appear and you can select your chosen product to add to your cart.

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8. You are finished. Simply click Process Order Now & Continue where you will then enter your credit card information. You are now successfully enrolled as a new doTERRA member!

9. After you enroll you will be prompted to join our Loyalty Rewards Program (monthly ordering program). This gives you access to free product points and the best possible prices. Click here to learn more.

Note: If at any point you are lost during these instructions do not hesitate to contact me at support@kimberleymilousis.com!