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The best way to purchase doTERRA essential oils is with a doTERRA Membership, where you get 25%-50% off and a host of other benefits. However, if you just want to buy one or two things, and you don’t feel ready for doTERRA’s wholesale membership, then you can purchase what you like from my shop here. I always throw in some extra samples and goodies with all orders on my website. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Life More Abundantly

I created Life More Abundantly to help people cultivate an abundant mindset in every area of their life, by using Biblical truths and timeless wisdom. It’s based on the lessons in the last 30 years of my wellness journey.

Earth Frequency Jewellery

Earth Frequency jewellery allows you to stay connected to the frequency of the Earth no matter where you are. This will keep your nervous system strong and support it as it resists all the unhealthy EMFs in our society. I like to think of these as giving us the benefits of barefoot walking at all time.