Say Goodbye To New Year's Resolutions

And do this instead!

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Why I don't do New Year's Resolutions

Have I ever told you I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions? I find they set ourselves up to fail. We aren’t suddenly going to be a new person overnight!

Here’s what happens: On January 1st, we are passionate about our new goal, and we believe we will meet it. Then, something happens, we slip up. We don’t meet our goal and then we throw in the towel.

This is why a shocking 80% of people fail their resolutions by February!


What I do instead

Rather than try to rush ourselves into a new lifestyle we aren’t ready for, I like to create a New Year’s Theme. My New Year’s Theme is a goal which I work on slowly and consistently throughout my entire year. That way, I build a new habit that lasts a lifetime.

An easy way to make a New Year’s Theme is to fill in this sentence.


I’ve got my example on my picture to the left, but here are a few more:
I have the power to be HEALTHY.
I have the power to be FIT.
I have the power to be CREATIVE.
I have the power to be FINANCIALLY-FREE.

Keys To Success

Key 01: Simple

By using the ‘I Have The Power To Be’ formula, you keep your theme down to one word. This allows your to focus your energy on it all year without getting bogged down in details.

Key 02: Repetition

Every day, when you get in and out of bed, say out your New Year’s Theme one time out loud. This will get your mind focused on your achieving your goal subconsciously.

Key 03: Action

As you go about your days, think about simple things you can do to become more like your New Year’s Theme. Since you’re repeating it, ideas will come naturally. Act on them!

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Added Impact

Your New Year’s Theme will be easier to achieve when your body and mind are supporting you instead of slowing you down. 

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Are you ready for a strong New Year?