Your Food Mindset And How It Affects You Spiritually

A healthy diet means a healthy mind. You cannot say that your health is in God’s hands when the fork is in your own.


Is Aging Really The Culprit?

Studies show that physical activity declines with age. Is aging really the culprit? Take the blame and shame out of food choices and  encourage solution-based healthy aging.


You Can’t Fix A Skin Issue Topically

No matter what essential oils and topicals you use, your skin issues are a matter of what’s happening within your body, and in your gut.


Your Story Is Not Set In Stone: Your Mindset After Trauma

You’re not your trauma. Just because you grew up in an abusive household, or endured pain in adult life, you can grow and persevere.


To Be Free, We Must Forgive

Forgiveness is the ultimate way to set yourself free. “For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.”


Your Identity & Finances: Breaking Out Of Your Own Caste System

There are many reasons we tell ourselves we cannot do something, but once we see our true identity, we can become all that God has wanted us to become.


Giving is in our DNA – Generous Health Is Scientifically Proven

Giving is in our DNA, and setting yourself up for generosity is key to abundance.


You create Your Own Good and Bad Faith

Do you believe your kids won’t listen to you? You will create that.