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Hi, I'm Kimberley

Your doTERRA Customer Service Representative

On this page, we’ll explore how I can support you on your health journey. I’ll share a bit about my story and why I love helping people to become empowered with natural health choices. I’ll also show you some unique dōTERRA gifts I offer to those in my Empowered Living Community (in case you’re wondering, that includes you!).

➤ How I can help you with your health goals.
What’s my story? Why do I use doTERRA?
➤ Special offers exclusively for my customers.
What’s in your Welcome Box? Samples guide.
➤ How you can contact me with questions.

A Special Message From Kimberley

How I Can Help You

You’ve got a bunch of essential oils and natural products. Awesome! But, do you know how to use them? Don’t waste your money by letting them collect dust. Email me your questions and I’ll offer solutions.

I’ve created more than five different essential oil and natural health courses which you can access for free on this website. Take some time to learn how to reach your health goals.

Get fun, essential oil education emails sent to your inbox every day for 10 days. By the end of the series, you’ll know how to use oils safely, and you’ll be able to address common health issues using your oils.

I can teach you exactly how to reach your health goals starting with the products you already have. Book a call with me and I’ll teach you how to get the most out of your products.

Don’t worry, I don’t send messages every day. I send out messages when new promotions  and contests are available. You also have the option to opt-in to my monthly education/tips.

You’re not alone! There are hundreds of other people who are solving their health issues with natural solutions in my community group. You can learn from their stories and ask questions.

Welcome Box Sample Guide

MetaPWR is doTERRA’s metabolism supplement line. There are three products in the line: The MetaPWR Blend, MetaPWR Assist, and MetaPWR Advantage. The Blend helps with curbing unhealthy cravings, Assist helps balance blood sugar spikes, and Advantage helps with anti-aging, organ health, and energy levels. Stir your MetaPWR Advantage sachet into a glass of water and enjoy!

Learn More About MetaPWR

doTERRA’s MetaPWR Blend comes in four forms: 15mL essential oil bottle, softgel capsules, on-the-go beadlets, and this Satiety Gum. No matter what form you have, the MetaPWR Blend will help curb unhealthy cravings. 

I enjoy taking the MetaPWR gum between meals or when I’m out of the home. It’s really helpful to prevent snacking between meals.

Learn More About MetaPWR

On Guard is doTERRA’s immunity essential oil blend. It is potent and very effective. Scientists have shown how On Guard increases the immune system’s response. For immunity, it’s important to have anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-septic properties. 

These On Guard wipes bring the cleansing benefits of the oil blend to an easy-to-use wipe, perfect for cleaning hands and surfaces.

Learn More About On Guard

Prevent cavities and whiten your teeth naturally with doTERRA’s On Guard Toothpaste. With all the cleansing properties of the On Guard essential oil blend, your teeth will be clean and fresh, without using any of the toxic chemicals found in common toothpastes. The flavour of the On Guard toothpaste is ‘Christmas-y’ and tasty. Since it’s non-toxic, it doesn’t matter if you accidentally swallow a bit of it, making it a great option for kits.

Learn More About On Guard

If you ever struggle with discomfort in your muscles or joints, this is a powerful relief option for you. Excellent for those who struggle with constant discomforts or those who regularly work out and get sore muscles. 

To use, simply rub some Deep Blue externally onto the areas which are uncomfortable. Feel the cool relief of the natural product right away.

Learn More About Deep Blue

These tasty drops come in three flavours: On Guard, Breathe, and Ginger. Each flavour brings the benefit of that essential oil to you in the fun and soothing form of a ‘candy’ drop.

On Guard Drops bring the benefit of immunity support, Breathe Drops (aka Easy Air Drops) bring the benefit of respiration support, and Ginger Drops are great for digestion.

Learn More About On Guard
Learn More About Breathe

With the right DIY tools, you can make all sorts of useful products with essential oils. You can make hygiene and self-care products, natural cleaners, and even simple remedies for common issues.

The pipette is used for getting exact amounts of essential oils, the roller bottle is used for making topical solutions, and the spray bottle is used for cleaners, hand  cleaning spray, or bug spray.

Visit doTERRA’s DIY Blog
Visit My EO Training Course

There are lots of other essential oils which I may have sent you samples of based on our conversations. 

If you would like a sample of a specific oil or you’d like a sample for a specific issue, reach out and ask and I will be happy to help.

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You can also learn more about essential oils in the Members Area.

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Exclusive Offers

Get a free 30-minute natural health consultation with me. We will identify your top three health goals and find the best natural solutions which fit your lifestyle. Afterwards, you will receive a customized sample pack of natural solutions mailed directly to your home.

The sample kit is only available for those who haven’t yet received a Welcome Box. The health plan offer is always available.

Essential oils are powerful solutions, but they only work if you know what you’re doing! I love providing my customers with the best essential oil reference guides, like the Modern Essentials Handbook. I will send you that reference guide or a similar one once you place your first 125PV LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) order on your doTERRA account.

This gift is for each of my customers who has not yet placed a 125PV LRP order. If you need help doing this, I’m happy to help!

dōTERRA’s diffusers are therapeutic-grade. What this means is that, unlike most diffusers, the essential oils are diffused into the air without losing their health benefits. I’m offering doTERRA’s beautiful Petal diffuser to anyone who hosts a class with me which results in $400+ in product orders (usually equivalent to 2 new enrollments).

I offer essential oil education classes in-person and online. I give hosting gifts no matter what happens, but earning the Petal diffuser is easier than you think!

How doTERRA Changed My Life

It all began when I tried to find a permanent solution for the painful skin condition I’d been struggling with my whole life. When pharmaceuticals couldn’t help me, I went looking for alternatives. 

After trying many different types of alternative healthcare solutions, God connected me with a health practitioner who used doTERRA products. She was able to guide me through a natural process to restore my skin.

Today, I do the same for others by helping thousands worldwide restore their health through my doTERRA education business. 

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Contact Me

I love helping people with their health goals and that starts by answering your questions. If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to email, text, or call me. I’ll be happy to help you get the answers you need.